Monday, April 28, 2014

Fun Weekend…

Sunshine Cindy and I were on the go the entire weekend. The weather was great allowing us to enjoy some great Spring days. It started on Thursday night. We made a trip to Emerald Lady Jewelry Store to pick out my wedding ring. We found a nice one and got it on order. It should be in by the end of this week.

Coconut Radio at The Crust Pizzeria

From there we stopped at Millers Ale House for some dinner. Miller’s always has some good specials. Thursday’s they have buckets of Bud Light for $8.95. What a deal. We sat at the bar, had some food and a few drinks while watching some of the hockey game that was on. We noticed a guy across the bar with a Key West MOTM tee shirt on. Sunshine talked to him. He was a Parrot Head from Atlanta down here in Destin on vacation. We see Parrot Heads everywhere!

Sandy at Harbor Gifts

Friday was my off day. Sunshine Cindy and her Mom went looking for dresses for her Mom. I went down to the harbor to take some tee shirts to Harbor Gifts to refill some they had sold. My first stop was at The Crust Pizzeria to see if Charley and Brenda were ready for the Parrot Head meeting that night. It looked like everything was ready. They were excited having the PH’s there. I walked down the hill and stopped at the Marler Charter Boat booking booth. Matt was working. I talked to him for a while. I then walked over to Harbor Gifts. Sandy was there. We got them restocked. Sandy and I talked for a while about the harbor as we were enjoying the warm sunny day.

I headed home. Sunshine Cindy and I headed to The Crust a little early. Everything was ready for a fun evening. They had several servers making sure everyone had the drinks they wanted. Charley was manning the bar and he was very busy. Alan took care of us. Turns out Alan is actually one of the stilt walkers at Margaritaville. He was making balloons all night as well as making sure everyone had drinks. Coconut Radio performed for us. We had about 100 folks show up. Charley and Brenda put out a fantastic spread of food too. Pizza, Pasta, Ravioli’s…and they kept it coming.

Kelly getting some Key Lime Pie

As the night wore down, Charley came and sat with us. He appreciated all that Sunshine Cindy and I did to help him prepare for the night. He brought over some Fireball for us to celebrate with. Judie, Kelly, Wayne and Suzanne were all with us as the last Parrot Heads standing.

Saturday was a different kind of day for us. Parrot Head Rendezvous was going on in Panama City Beach. We usually register for this event but with the upcoming wedding we decided to only go on Saturday. Well, Saturday was also Sunshine Cindy’s birthday. Her family wanted her to stay home and celebrate. We compromised. I went to PCB, she partied with her family and we would go out on Sunday. I wanted to make an appearance at Rendezvous. We have a lot of friends that were there who we have not seen in a while. This was a good chance to catch up with them.

Rendezvous on the beach

I got to the beach about noon. It was a perfect day weather wise. About 500 Parrot Heads were there on the beach having a blast. I ran into so many friends that I can’t start to name them all. Some great music was being played and many boat drinks were consumed. A special thanks to Julie, Jan and Loujean for letting me join them at their tent. I headed home about 8 pm wore out from the sun.

Meanwhile Sunshine Cindy and her daughter Tiffany went to McGuire’s for dinner. They then went down to the harbor. First stop was Harry T’s. From there they went to Crab Island Cantina, Fishheads, AJ’s and The Boathouse. They ran into friends every step of the way.

Beach stage

Sunday was another nice day in paradise. Sunshine Cindy and I went to Harry T’s for brunch. As we waited for a table we sat at the outside bar and talked to our Bartender of the Month, Michelle. She was working the bar. Michelle told us how thrilled she was to be named the Bartender of the Month in the Crab Island Mambo Mullet Wrapper. She was very deserving. You can read about Michelle here:

Time to go in and get seated. A great sea breeze was blowing in the salt air making for an enjoyable brunch. They do a good job with their brunch. From there we stopped at Crab Island Cantina. Greg was working the bar. We got to talking to some locals across the bar. They were enjoying the nice day too. We then walked down to Fishheads. Al was playing the sax. Owners Melissa and Tom were there. Melissa wanted us to try a new appetizer they will be selling. It was a smoked fish dip that was great. That will be a big hit for sure. Melissa and Tom are good people who will have a great summer season. They are right under the west end zip line tower.

Melissa of Fishheads on the harbor

We saw Matt and talked to him for a bit then also talked to Sandy at Harbor Gifts. We can’t be down there and not say hi! We made one more stop. We went to Margaritaville’s Chill Bar. Old friend Steve was working the bar. It was not too busy so we got to talk to Steve a little. He was getting off shortly and heading to work at Fud’s on the island. They had a volleyball tournament. He was looking forward to waiting on tall, good looking women! LOL We finally called it a day and headed home to get ready for the upcoming week. Sunshine Cindy enjoyed her birthday weekend!!!

Have a great week. See ya on Thursday!

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