Monday, December 30, 2013

Fun and rainy weekend in Destin

This has been a fun and crazy weekend in Destin. With me being off, I am able to get out and about a little more. It started Thursday afternoon. First thing I did was meet Sunshine Cindy for lunch at Friday’s. We saw Sharon and Larry there. They were having lunch too. Sunshine Cindy had to go back to work and I went down to the harbor and made a stop at Crab Island Cantina. Mike and Greg were working. Carlos stopped by to say hello. There were a lot of people on the harbor. The tourist were in town for Christmas.

Kenny and Kathleen

I walked down to Fishheads. Melissa had opened for the day. A couple that just got engaged stopped by. Kenny and Kathleen made a nice couple. I hung around there talking to Melissa for good while. They have big plans for the coming season. Their location is perfect and I know they will do a good business there. By now the sun was going down and it was getting chilly as the wind was blowing. I decided to stop in at The Crust Pizzeria. I have met the owner Charlie down on the docks and he mentioned he might want to advertise on Crab Island Mambo.

While I was at the Crust, I texted Sunshine Cindy and told her to come join me. She did and we enjoyed their happy hour. Domestic beers are 2 for 1 with an already low price of $3. So you can have a beer for just $1.50 each. What a great deal. I had a personal pizza and Sunshine Cindy had a brownie dessert. The pizza was New York style and it was delicious. Of course Sunshine Cindy loved the Brownie! We got to talk to Charlie for a while and he is going to advertise with us so it was a good stop. With a big deck out the back and plans for live music all summer, The Crust Pizzeria will be a fun place. We will be back soon.

Our Chicago friends, Cyndie, Emily and Brian

Friday I only made one stop. I went to Landshark Pizza thinking I would only be there for a little while. Well, as the place filled up and friends came in I ended up being there for hours. Capt. Todd, Tommy, Dougie Love and B came in and Paige, Jason and Becca were all working. I also got to meet Sue’s son Jeremy and his girlfriend Morgan. He was in town for the holiday’s. They were great people. As the evening wore on, the place got packed and I finally decided to call it a night and head back home.

On Saturday, Sunshine Cindy and I met up with some friends of ours from Chicago. Cyndie and Brian were passing through town and got in touch with us. They had their 7 year old daughter Emily with them. We met up at The Boathouse. The weather was terrible. A line of thunderstorms were blowing through the area. Lightning, thunder and monsoon rains kept most people home. There were not too many folks at the Boathouse but it made it nice as we were able to sit and catch up with them. We were able to introduce Cyndie and Brian to the delicacy of boiled peanuts. They had never heard of them before but they loved them. We have another convert. LOL

They loved boiled peanuts!

The Boathouse was getting ready to close and Cyndie and Brian were heading to their hotel as they were driving to Cape Coral Sunday. Sunshine Cindy and I made a stop at the Rotten Apple. A couple of drunk guys from the Boathouse were there. Rose was working. We had not seen Rose in quite a while. They had a good crowd coming and going the entire time we were there. It is a real locals place with the younger crowd stopping in on their way to Nighttown. They have turned the place into a good business. We called it a night and headed home.

On Sunday we got together with our friends at Sago Sports Bar to watch some football. We ended up with Julie, Suzanne, Loujean and Jan. We had a blast watching the Bears/Packers plus some of the other games. Jen took good care of us. She is pregnant and is due in only a couple of weeks. But that didn’t slow her down as she was all over the place.

Yes, that's a Bears logo on her belly!

A table next to us had some die hard Packer and Bears fans sitting together. One of the girls there was also pregnant. Every time the Bears scored, she would lift up her shirt to show a Bears logo painted on her belly as she ran around the bar. She was having a good time for sure.

The picture taker in a picture

We actually stayed to watch most of the night game too. By then it was time to head to the house to end another fun weekend in Destin.

Everyone have a safe New Year’s celebration. See ya on Thursday as we welcome 2014!

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