Thursday, December 26, 2013

Destin Holiday

Well, another Christmas has come and gone. Sunshine Cindy and I hope everyone was able to celebrate the holiday and that you didn’t forget to say a prayer for our troops who are keeping us safe so we can celebrate!

We spent both Christmas Eve and then Christmas Day with Sunshine Cindy’s parents. It was a good time of food, drinks, family and memories. Precious even came along with us. You can’t leave the dog out of the fun. The weather was cool but nice. It beats the freezing weather many others are having around the country.

Merry Christmas from Destin

Monday you could see the town filling up as tourist came into town. It seemed like everyone was out at the shopping centers doing some last minute shopping as the roads were crowded. Then once again on Tuesday it was the same way. It sure looked like a lot of folks waited till the last minute to get their gifts.

Friday’s in Destin has been known over the years as the place for people to go who don’t have family or anywhere else to go for holidays. They open for the wayward souls who are alone on holidays. On Christmas Eve there was a good size crowd there judging by how full the parking lot was. Even at 11 pm when we were heading home there were still folks there. Then on Christmas Day when we passed the place about 1 pm in the afternoon another good sized crowd was there. But the biggest crowd was noticed that evening about 8 pm as the parking lot was full. They take volunteers to work so no one who doesn’t want to work has to. It is nice people have a place to go if they have no one here.

We don’t have any big plans for the weekend. If you are off enjoy your time. I know I will. See ya Monday!

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