Thursday, May 30, 2013

The tourist are back in Destin

The light switch has been thrown and the tourist are back in town. Of course, over the Memorial Holiday Weekend the town was packed. It was more crowded than anyone can remember. That means the summer season is going to be off the charts. This week I can already see the impact on my drive home. Harborwalk Village has events each Tuesday and Thursday nights. Those nights are going to be terrible traffic wise as the Emerald Grande is already packed. This past Tuesday was the start and it added about 10 minutes to my drive already. Oh well, patience is the key word.

Monday being the holiday Sunshine Cindy and I were both off. We decided to go down to the harbor and hang out for a while in the afternoon. Our first stop was the Freaky Tiki. Susan was working the bar. We talked to her and Craig the owner. Things were slow on the harbor as most people were out on boats.

Sunshine Cindy and Craig

Sunshine Cindy and I walked down to Crab Island Cantina. Kyle was working and Loren came by to say hello. We sat watching the boats on the water and chatting with some other folks around the bar. What a great spot to watch the world go by. One couple we talked to were locals. Turns out the wife went to high school with the guy who hired me. Small world. We had some great food and headed back down the harbor.

Passing by AJ’s I heard someone calling me. It was Sami. She was with Barry and Austin enjoying the afternoon. We had not seen her since we announced our engagement. She was excited for us. As we walked by the Tipsy Turtle, they were just setting up for the evening. We said a few hello’s and decided to stop back at Freaky Tiki. Just after we got there Scott and Bonnie pulled up on Scott’s Harley. Bonnie was taking over behind the bar for the night.

View from Crab Island Cantina

We had a great night there. It was slow so we all had time to cut up and have fun. We made a few trips to the Boathouse. I saw “Bacon Strip” there. I can’t remember how he got that nickname but it is unique. A guy who’s name I can’t remember (but I know he runs several liquor stores) came up with his Great Dane. “Baby Girl” was a sweet dog. We had a fun time there. We left and made one more stop on the way home at Malibu Jack’s. I still think this place has potential.

Tuesday we stayed in to catch our breaths after the hectic holiday weekend. I got to watch the hockey game as the LA Kings moved on as they won game seven.

Susie and Carol - Susie has her "Patrick 'Cane"

Wednesday was another stay-at-home night. Sunshine Cindy got caught up on Crab Island Mambo bookkeeping. I worked on the end of the month pictures I will be posting from our activities. I watched the Blackhawks and Red Wings hockey game. We have some good friends from Chicago that live and die with the Blackhawks. Chicago won so they can live a little longer. LOL

The old Holiday Inn is completed demolished. Nothing but rubble being hauled away. You know Destin is growing up when they tear down a high rise to build a bigger one. And to think Destin didn’t even have electricity until almost 1950. The town has come a long way in a short period of time.

Don’t forget to check out our Tee Shirts. Everyone can have a piece of Crab Island and Destin everywhere they go. Some of our shirts have made it to Spain and Canada. That is so cool. If you are in Destin on vacation send us a message and we will hand deliver it to you. Can’t beat that.

Loujean with a red Crab Island Mambo tank top

Have a great weekend! It’s Billy Bowlegs time in Fort Walton Beach. Have fun and I will see ya Monday!

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