Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend in Destin

It was a crazy weekend here in Destin. I headed to Landshark Pizza Thursday night to hang out for a while. Paige and the team took good care of everyone. A good crowd was there. T was running a lot of delivery orders and the place had a good vibe to it.

Friday was when it started to get wild. Sunshine Cindy had to work so I decided to head to the harbor to see how many tourist were already in town. My first stop was actually a detour. I saw Bonnie working the Freaky Tiki bar so I stopped in. They have any beer 2 for 5 dollars. I talked to Bonnie about how things were going when Kerby walked by. He came in for a while too. I left there and walked to see if Matt was at the charter booth. He wasn’t so I headed in the other direction to Crab Island Cantina. Loren was behind the bar and there was a steady stream of folks coming in and out. A lot of boats were heading out to Crab Island already as it was a perfect day.

Good charter boat catch on the Destin harbor

I walked back towards Freaky Tiki and as I passed the old Tipsy Turtle Matt was there. It turns out Sherry has just bought the place and Matt will be back there behind the bar. They hoped to be open later in the day. That is so cool. I made it back to the Freaky Tiki and had a good relaxing time there. I talked to Craig the owner about maybe doing some advertising and I helped them move some stuff as they are still getting set up.

When Sunshine Cindy got off work I headed home to pick her up. The Parrotheads had a phlocking at Mangoes by the Bayou. Jeff and the Camaro’s were playing. A big crowd showed up and over $750 was raised for Moore OK. A great job by everyone there. Some folks headed to Fokkers to hear JB play but Sunshine Cindy and I stopped in at Sago. Stephanie was working the outside bar. We grabbed a table near the pool. It was a picture perfect evening.

Jeff and the Camaro's

Saturday Sunshine Cindy and I went ring shopping. We had thought about going to Key West to try and find a tropical type of set for us as that is what we want. The first place we stopped at in Destin turned out to be quite the find. Emerald Lady jewelry was the place. The owners moved the store to Destin from Key West about two years ago. So we found our KW place right here. We are pretty sure we have found what we want. We wanted to sleep on it for a few days so we will see.

We left and headed to Johnny O’s for some lunch. While we were sitting at the bar someone came in and said I knew I would find some Parrotheads in here. It was Kerry. We had not seen Kerry in many months. We all sat, ate and got caught up. It was a nice time.

Loujean at Bobby and Darla's Memorial Holiday party

Bobby and Darla had their Memorial Day party. They have been putting this on for 18 years now to celebrate all the service members active, retired and deceased. It’s is a big time with tons of crawfish, music and good friends. A group of us decided to go to the harbor to see Matt when we left the party. It was like we picked right back up where we were last summer. The harbor was jumping and everyone had a good time. We made one last stop at Freaky Tiki and called it a night.

Sunday the party’s continued. Crab Island Mambo had Jan Patton playing for us at Landshark Pizza. Pops was cooking crawfish and the party was jumping. A big crowd partied on the sidewalk as we listened to Trop Rock music. As the party wound down, a group of us headed to Julie's to swim and relax in her pool. It was the perfect end to the day.

The Girls singing(?) with Jan
Don’t forget to take a moment today and say a few prayers for those brave souls that have and are fighting for our right to be in this great country. Thank you to each and every one of you!!!

See ya Thursday!

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