Thursday, December 20, 2012

Preparing for Christmas

This week Sunshine Cindy finished her Christmas shopping. Me? I was done weeks ago but then as a guy I don’t put the time into it like the women do. We did get out for dinner on Tuesday. We went to Johnny O’Quigley’s. I had a taste for some chili and they have some of the best in town. I was also glad to see a special on Sam Adams beer. They were selling a 25 oz. mug for just $5. I had to have two! The food was good and we were able to relax.

Beach scene!

Wednesday on my drive home from work the traffic was heavy. It looks like the town is getting busy for the holidays plus all the holiday shoppers were out and about. Add the fact we are starting to get some snowbirds in town doing 45 mph across the island and you have a long drive home.

Each day I drive by the old Fish House and can see they are doing a ton of work on the place that will become “Boshamps Oyster House.” I have heard they are working on putting in a boardwalk behind the place that they hope to connect to the main stretch of the boardwalk farther west. The plan is still to be open by Spring.

"Head" in the sand!

I have also been reporting for a while the old Twisted Palm/Club Overboard building is under contract to become a motorcycle shop, pizza house/bar and indoor shooting/archery range. The deal is expected to close today and work should begin shortly afterwards. Yep, combine bikers, guns, booze and pizza for a fun time. Actually I think it will be a big hit. We will see.

Hoov on the beach

The expansion at Destin Commons is in full swing. They have still not announced who the new tenants will be but they continue to say a major theme type restaurant will be one of the new anchors. This expansion, that will add up to 25 more retail locations to the Commons, is planned to open in spring of 2014.

Get out and enjoy the weekend as you prepare for Christmas. We will be at KC's Sandbar in Ft. Walton Beach Saturday night. Come join us for a "World Didn't End Party! Check in Monday for our Christmas Eve blog!

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