Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year’s Eve!

It has been a fun filled few days here in Destin. We heard Chef Emeril Lagasse was at Harbor Docks on Wednesday. He is getting around town during the holidays. Thursday was one of those afternoons where we decided to head to the harbor and wander around a little. We stopped at the Boathouse and grabbed a beer. We headed down the docks past the empty shell of the Tipsy Turtle. It’s sad to see it sitting empty. We stopped in at AJ’s. A guy was playing music and a beautiful sunset was in process. There were a few people in there as some tourist had found their way in.

Sunset from AJ's

We continued walking down the harbor and ended up at Crab Island Cantina. By now the sun was down and it was getting colder. Greg was working the bar and we chatted with him for a while. Our friend Carlos, who is one of the owners and the head chef spotted us and came over and talked to us for a while. He said they had a great first year. We are happy for them. The Cantina is well run and they have one of the best spots on the harbor. Sunshine Cindy and I then decided to stop in at the Rotten Apple. Bobby, Woody and Dave were leaving until we turned them around for one more. Matt and Mindy were playing and it was good to see them again. We had a fun time there.

Bobby, Woody, Dave and Sunshine Cindy at Rotten Apple

Friday I had to work but Friday night the ECPHC had a phlocking at Sago Sports Bar. Most parrotheads had not been in there in years so it was good exposure for Sago to the parrothead crowd. A lot of folks showed up too. Jan played music and everyone had a fun time. When we left it was raining and blowing but some of us met up at The American Legion. The band Deep South was playing and it was a nice way to cap off the evening.

Dancing at Sago Sports Bar

Saturday the fun continued. I had to run some errands. As I finished I ended up at Hogs Breath for a while. I saw Cam and listened to some lady talk the ear off of a tourist. He listened very patiently. I then popped in at Sago where I had a bite to eat. The rest of the evening Sunshine Cindy and I stayed home and relaxed for the night.

Fun at Landshark Pizza

Sunday was a day to watch some football games. We started at Rupert’s in the bowling alley. There was a pretty good crown in there. We ran into Barry and watched some of the Falcons. We left there and headed to Landshark Pizza. The place was packed. We managed to get a couple of seats. Julie came and joined us. All the local crowd was there watching the games. Matt and Sue were running around like crazy keeping everyone in drinks and food. Then for the third day in a row we stopped at Sago again. There was also a good crowd in there. Sunshine Cindy ended up talking to girl from Memphis who was in town on vacation. That’s one of the neat things about living in a tourist town. You meet a lot of interesting folks.

Have a safe New Year’s Eve celebration tonight. See ya’ll Thursday!

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