Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sharks in the Destin News

It seems like sharks are in the news around here a lot lately and I am not talking about lawyers. This week a couple of brother showed off some pictures of them with two sharks they caught. There have been some other sharks sighted in the area too with several of the charter fishing boats bringing in sharks. And of course it seems like everyone is following Katharine the Great White Shark who is swimming out in the gulf and being tracked by a GPS tag.

Sharks are around

For some reason sharks always seem to invoke a lot of interest. I guess when you are swimming where there might be something that can eat you it tends to make you notice them a little more. But in reality shark attacks are very rare. It has been many years since the last attack took place in the Destin area. When you think of all the people that are swimming in our waters every day, you really don’t need to worry about having a shark attack.

I actually saw a shark up close and personal about 8 years ago. I was sitting at the edge of the surf. It was a week day and there was nobody else around. I saw a fin about 2 feet out in the water heading my way. I thought that was pretty close to shore for a dolphin to be swimming. I stood up and I could see it was a 8 foot Hammerhead Shark slowly cruising in the shallow water. I took one step back and the big guy swam right in front of me. That was really cool.


Wednesday night Sunshine Cindy and I went out to discuss some Mambo business. We went to Island Wings. On the way over Wayne called to ask what we were doing. He said he might join us with a couple of the Southern Drawl Band guys. Sure enough they came to join us. Paul and JD were with Wayne. It was a great time catching up with the guys and hearing some of their stories from the road. We look forward to hearing the band this weekend. They are at Juana’s in Navarre on Thursday, Land Shark Landing on Pensacola Beach on Friday and Saturday night and at Crab Island Cantina in Destin Sunday afternoon. They put on a great show. You should try and see them if you can.

You can get all the news on things to do over the weekend by reading my Crab Island Mambo Weekend Update here:

After the guys left I thought I recognized Henri at the bar. It was him and we talked for a good while. We had not seen Henri for several months. He works at Millers Ale House and the Legion. He is now also working at Rick’s Crab Trap on Saturday’s. This is the Rick’s on Scenic 98 next to Majestic Sun. We will have to go see him there some time. He said Brandy is now doing karaoke there on Saturday’s too.

After the beach cleanup is a party

The other bit of news from this week was the closing of Hard Rock CafĂ© in Destin Commons. This really does not surprise me. This location has lost its luster. It was expensive and they didn’t have any kind of specials for the locals. Sunshine Cindy and I stopped in there once this past winter. I think there were only a couple of other people in there. The place has been open for 10 years but I think they didn’t keep up with the area with all the competition that is now here.

A lot happening this weekend. Get out and enjoy it. See ya Monday with a full report!

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