Monday, September 23, 2013

Destin Margaritaville

Well, the rain returned to Destin this weekend. We had pretty strong storms on and off both days. But that only slowed us down a little. Thursday night Sunshine Cindy and I went Sago Sports Bar to relax a little after work. We sat at the outside bar where Stephanie was working. A good crowd was out there as well as inside. The Clemson football game was on and a big group of Clemson fans were in front of the 100 inch TV’s watching the game. We had some food and a few beers. Tommy stopped by as he was busy keeping up with what game to put on what TV! LOL Every time we stop in at Sago it seems like a big family reunion. We love the place.

Stephanie at Sago

Friday night we wanted to head to Panama City Beach to hear Jan play for the Panama City PHC but by the time we got off work, it was too late to make the drive. Reports are Jan and Kenny did a fantastic job but then I knew they would.

Sunshine Cindy and I headed to harbor. Wayne joined us. First stop was the Monkey Bar. We thought JB was playing but he wasn’t. We had a beer and then we headed to The Boathouse. The place was pretty full with mostly older folks. Are the snowbirds coming in already? We stayed for a while listening to Jason Clark play. All our friends on the staff greeted us. This is another place that feels like family.

We left to walk the harbor. First stop was a new place right under the zip line tower. Fishheads opened up a few months ago. This was our first stop there. One of the owners, Melissa was behind the bar with Emily. We talked to them for while about getting started and how they were doing. We told Melissa we would stop by on our “Chaos Crawl” pub crawl next Saturday. It was a nice place that also had liquor so they should do well.

Our local friends at Crab Island Cantina

Moving again we headed to Crab Island Cantina. Judy was sitting at the entrance. First thing she asked was where her Sugar Daddy Joe was. Last week when Joe was in town he joked with Judy that he would be her Sugar Daddy. It cracked us all up. Dominic was just getting off work and he sat with us. A local couple sat at the bar. They had not been there before. They were looking for some friends who are Korean. They joked the Korea Mafia was going to show up. Well, only one did but everyone had a fun time.

Time to move on again. Dominic joined us as we stopped in at Harry T’s. We wanted to hear Flash Flood but they were not playing so we kept moving to listen to Ronnie at AJ’s. No joy there either as Ronnie was closing down for the night. Upstairs to the AJ’s Club Bimini. The place was packed with young people. We found a place to hang out for a while. Time to head out with one last stop at Waffle House for a late night snack. As we walked in Norma and Phil were there. Phil had sang a few songs at The Boathouse. We must have just missed him. We all talked as we wound down for the evening.

Ace's birthday

Saturday was rainy. Matt was having a birthday party for Ace. He is turning 5. Sunshine Cindy and I went. It was like a Tipsy Turtle reunion. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon. When we left we stopped in at a new place called Island Wing Company. The food we had was good. The service was good. We had another Stephanie wait on us and she was right on top of things. They had a full beer menu of about 50 beers on tap but I thought they would have more craft beers instead of all the Bud brands and a few craft beers. It’s a sports bar but it was real loud inside as the noise echoed around. Other than that it was a fun place.

Inside of Island Wing Company

And on Sunday we rested. Actually it was another rainy day perfect for staying in for the most part. We did have to take the pooch to the vet for what started out as a teeth cleaning but ended up with having one tooth pulled. She was not herself for obvious reasons after we got her home. So we watched some football (The Browns actually won one!) and babied the dog. I was also able to do some Crab Island Mambo writing. So it was a productive day.

One last bit of news….the new Margaritaville that will be opening in Destin at Harborwalk Village is booking auditions for musical acts to play there. Auditions will be held Oct. 13-15th by appointment only. They are looking for experienced musicians or acts that can play a variety of musical styles and covers. If you want to be considered send an email to: with a link to a website where samples of your music can be heard. We walk by the new Margaritaville all the time and it is really taking shape. It is going to be a big place with two stories overlooking the harbor. I have tried to see what kind of “theme” they are going to use but I can’t tell. Whatever it is I am sure it will be fun!

Artist rendition of Destin Margaritaville

Have a great week. See ya Thursday!

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