Monday, September 30, 2013

Chaos Crawl Weekend

We had a fantastic weekend in Destin. The weather was perfect and the events were fun. It started on Thursday night. Sunshine Cindy and I loaded up the wagon and walked over to the Mattie Kelly Arts Center for a concert. They have a beautiful open field and a great stage. We were amazed at all the people that were there. We had our fold up chairs, our cooler and we had a fun time.

Mattie Kelly Arts Center Destin

Friday while Sunshine Cindy was working I headed out for a while. I stopped in at Landshark Pizza to hear some of Brian’s and Sue’s stories from their trip to Germany. They had a great time but were still fighting some jet lag. I then went to the harbor. I stopped in at Crab Island Cantina. Greg was working and there was a tourist couple from Arkansas at the bar. They were a hoot. Their first vacation without their kids and they were enjoying themselves. I left and walked to The Boathouse. Kerby was there hanging out. A good crowd was there for an afternoon. Kelly Bryd was playing so it was a fun time.

After Sunshine Cindy got home from work we stopped in at Sago Sports Bar. We sat at the outside bar since it was so nice out. Tommy was there and a decent crowd was watching the Braves baseball game. We ordered a pizza. It was excellent. It’s a New York style and tasted great. We hung around for a while then called it a night.

Getting ready for the pub crawl

Saturday was our big Crab Island Mambo “Chaos Crawl” pub crawl. We ended up with about 17 total folks “Crawling” with us. We started at Crab Island Cantina. From there we went to the Crazy Lobster and then to Fishheads. After a stop at AJ’s we went to the Monkey Bar and finally ended at The Boathouse. Big thanks to Carlos at the Cantina, Melissa at Fishheads and Gigi at The Boathouse for making us feel special and welcome. Gigi especially went above and beyond. Be sure to stop in at all of these places. We were able to raise $103.80 for Caring and Sharing. We are glad to be able to help them out as this organization does a lot of good in the community.

A fun "Chaos Crawl"

Sunday was a nice relaxing day as wound down from the “Chaos Crawl.” I took a long bike ride in the morning along the beach. It was clear and cool out. Perfect for a bike ride of about 9 miles. In the afternoon Sunshine Cindy and I headed to Landshark Pizza. They were having a special on Brats and Oktoberfest beer. Brian had the Brats flown in from Milwaukee so I knew they had to be good. Sunshine Cindy and I both had one. They were great and so was the beer.

A perfect Destin day

I got to watch the end of the Browns game as they won again. They are tied for first! After the game ended and we finished our Brats, we went and sat outside enjoying a perfect late afternoon. Brian come out to join us and B came and also sat with us. Brian has a TV in the window so we could still watch some football. We could not ask for a better way to end the weekend!

Have a great week. See ya Thursday!

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