Thursday, November 29, 2012

Finally Some Rain

It has been weeks since we had any rain in Destin. That all changed Tuesday. The skies opened up and we got a good soaking for several hours. By the time I headed home from work the clouds had gone and the full moon was huge as it was rising. We are supposed to get some warmer days over the next few. I am ready for summer and it’s not even winter yet! On the bright side, hurricane season is over tomorrow. Another year with no big storm. We love that in Destin.

Dreaming of Summer

Monday night Sunshine Cindy and I headed to Sago Sports bar to grab a bite to eat and watch some of the Monday night football game. We got a big hug from Stephanie the bartender as we walked in. We sat at one of the booths. They are so comfortable. Monday’s they have $5 pitchers of beer. The place was not crowded. Morgan waited on us and she was cutting up with us as there was not much else for her to do. We enjoyed ourselves.

Most beautiful beaches in the world

Tuesday we stayed in. Sunshine Cindy cooked a ham and we pigged out. (No pun intended!) Wednesday was Christmas decorating day at the house. The tree is up and the holiday spirit is taking hold. Hard to believe but it is less than four weeks till Christmas.

Barb and Ed enjoying the beach

It’s official. The Snowbirds are back. I saw my first Ontario, Canada license plate the other day. They have also officially opened the Snowbird roost at the community center. Yep, time to get ready for slow drivers with a turn signal that stays on. As Brent Burns likes to say, “If a car from Michigan passes you this time of the year…it is stolen!”

We don’t have a lot planned for this weekend. We will go with the flow but I am sure we will find some interesting places to visit. Have fun. See ya Monday with a full report!

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