Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. Be thankful for what you have and for our troops who help keep us secure so we could celebrate each year.

This week has seen the traffic picking up and tourist coming into town for the holiday. Tuesday I went to Landshark Pizza to hang out and have some food. Sunshine Cindy was doing some stuff around the house and didn’t want to leave so off I went. The top was down even though it was cool. Landshark was packed. They had four big groups. It looked like families that had come into town had gotten together there for dinner. I sat at the bar and watched Brian, Sue and Steph run around like madmen. Tuesdays is $2 Corona beers. I had several and some wings. All good. I talked with Kent from the Logo Place for a bit too as he was sitting at the bar.


Wednesday the weather was about as nice as it could get. For my afternoon walk at work the temp was 78 degrees. Perfect with no clouds. We went to KC's Sandbar in Ft. Walton for the evening to meet up with some friends. Sunshine Cindy and I got there first. We sat at the bar and ordered some food. Lauren was behind the bar. She is different with tattoo’s, piercings and a Mohawk with different colors in her hair. That is the charm of KC’s, you get all types in there including us Trop Rockers.

Our crowd started coming in. Wayne, Kenny, Julie, Jan and Loujean all made it. Jan was playing so he was setting up. Mike the owner came and talked to us for a good while. I have known Mike for several years and watched him grow his place into something big. There was even a local beat cop walk in. He knew everyone, chatted for a few minutes before moving on. It was a fun night. Temps got down to about 60 but it was still comfortable. A good prelude to Thanksgiving.


A quick note about our stop at Anglers last weekend that I failed to mention. They are remolding a lot of the place. It is mostly being done upstairs but the bathrooms downstairs are now brand new. The lights are so bright you think you are going to be interrogated. Also come on out and join Sunshine Cindy and I at Landshark Pizza on Friday. Jan will be playing from 1-5. It will be a good time. Landshark is next to Old Time Pottery in Destin.

Have a great weekend. See ya Monday!

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