Monday, November 26, 2012

Post Thanksgiving in Destin

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday. Sunshine Cindy and I spent it with her parents. The weather was perfect as was the food and drinks.

On Friday we had a Crab Island Mambo party at Landshark Pizza. Jan Patton played music for us and everyone had a great time. We had a good turnout. The beer and food flowed. The one memorable moment was when a homeless guy riding a bicycle hit the curb right in front of Landshark and hit the ground. He could barely stand to get back up on the bike. As he tried to ride away I said he was going to hit my car BadAss. Sure enough, across the parking lot he wobbled and ran right into my car sprawling over the hood. I headed out there but Sunshine Cindy stopped and said she would take care of it. After getting an earful from her he managed to ride away not hitting anything else. The car was okay though.

The homeless drunk is about to take off

Saturday Sunshine Cindy and I spent around the house for most of the day. It was time to get the Christmas decorations out of the attic. By mid afternoon I was ready to watch some football. My Buckeyes had already beat that team from up north but Florida and Fl. State was coming on. I headed over to Hogs Breath. The weather was still nice and I had the top down. Sunshine Cindy decided to stay home. I sat at the outside bar. I got there early as they usually open the outside bar at 4 but Rikki was already opening it. I got a seat in front of the TV’s. Wayne came out and joined me. One of our Parrothead friends Bill came in and we talked to him for a while.

No, go straight...

Sunshine Cindy decided to come out too. She joined us as the place was filling up. They have good football specials. We had a good time and stayed for the start of the late game. Notre Dame was playing and I was interested in watching them. We left at halftime and went home to watch them win. They are on to the national championship game. Good for them.

Right before impact on BadAss...

Sunday was cooler but I still took a bike ride. I need to work off some of the food I have been eating. I wanted to watch the Browns/Steelers game. I headed to Landshark Pizza and once again Sunshine Cindy stayed back at the house. She is not a huge sports fan. As I walked in and sat down the Browns were already losing. Geeze, the game was only 2 minutes old. LD was at the bar. I talked to him the whole time. He was there because he was out of beer at home and they can’t sell any in the stores till 1 pm. He had an hour to go.

Black Friday at Landshark

There was a good crowd in there. Pitchers of beer are only $6 or buckets are $11. Good deals. Later Kirby and Matt came in. The Browns held on to win. It was ugly but a win over Pittsburgh is always good. I also had a good view of the Falcons game. They also won. It was a good day. Oh yeah, LD was still there when I left. Guess he didn’t need to get any beer on the way home now. LOL

Enjoy the week as we get into the holiday season. See ya Thursday!

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