Monday, January 27, 2014

Lulu’s coming to Destin?

It was a wild few days in Destin with winter weather, a celebrity sighting and rumors about another Buffett sibling coming to Destin. I was talking to a guy on Friday night who told me Lucy Buffett (Jimmy Buffett’s sister) has signed a contract to open a Lulu’s restaurant/club in Destin on the bay side of town. This would make sense as for years we have heard rumors about Lucy planning to open another version of Lulu’s here to compliment her Gulf Shores, AL location. I plan to nose around and see if I can find out where this is going to be built but I have an idea. I will let everyone know what I find out.

Destin's Margaritaville

The celebrity sighting was none other than Jimmy Buffett himself. Monday last week a guy I know was making a delivery down on the harbor. He was near the new Margaritaville when he saw a guy standing by himself talking on the phone. He thought the guy looked familiar…maybe a client. So he walked up to the guy and the guy just turned to him and said, “Yes, it’s me!” It was Jimmy Buffett. They talked for a while. Jimmy told him he was coming back for the grand opening and he might bring a musician friend. Maybe Mac will be coming with him. How cool was that chance encounter.

Lulu's in Gulf Shores, AL

The winter weather we endured was some snow in the area with some sleet falling in Destin last Friday. There were pictures of some ice crystals on a tarp. Yes, that passes for a major event in Destin in the winter. I am not sure how we survived. We are actually under a winter storm watch for Tuesday. We have a chance for some more ice crystals to fall in Destin with some real snow falling farther inland. Hurry up summer and come back!

For Sunshine Cindy and I, it was a Sago Sports Bar kind of weekend. Friday night was the ECPHC monthly phlocking at Sago. Jan Patton with help from Kenny were playing the Trop Rock tunes. A big crowd of Parrotheads were there taking in some good food and cheap drinks. We ended up being the last ones out before they closed the doors behind us! LOL

Canadian snowbirds having fun with the Parrotheads at Sago Sports Bar

Saturday night we went back to “Embrace the Chaos!” at Sago for a Crab Island Mambo hockey night party. We had a fun group show up to root the Tampa Bay Lightning on. With a 80 inch HDTV to watch the game, we were in heaven. Loren took good care of our group. The Lightning won and we once again were the last people to leave Sago. I think they were going to start charging us rent since we were in there so much.

Hockey night in Destin at Sago

Sunday saw Sunshine Cindy and the girls from the wedding party go to Pensacola to look at wedding dresses. They were gone all day. I was a couch potato just relaxing all day. It felt good to do nothing.

It will be interesting to see if we get any of the wintery weather they are forecasting. I will have a full report on Thursday. See ya then!

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