Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is a frigid start to Thanksgiving this morning in Destin. It is currently 34 degrees but at least we have a bright sun shining. Sunshine Cindy and I want to wish everyone a safe and fun day. I hope you get to spend it with family and friends.

We have not got out and about this week as there was holiday prep work to do at home. The food is ready and the appetites are strong. It won’t be over the river and through the woods but rather over the Mid-Bay bridge and through the Eglin reservation to grandma’s house. LOL

I have heard of some more places opening and closing in the area. Over in Niceville where Helen Back recently opened in the K-Mart shopping center, Ed’s has closed their doors. Ed’s was the old Perry’s in the Food World shopping center. I heard they had their rent raised so much it was not worth staying open.

Happy Thanksgiving from Sunshine Cindy

Also in Niceville, Ernie’s has moved from Northpoint Yacht Club to the old Giuseppe’s building. Giuseppe’s has been empty for a few years so I hope Ernie’s can make it a success again. Hurricane Ivan destroyed the original Giuseppe’s and when they rebuilt it did not have the same charm as before. I wish the Ernie’s team well. We liked them at Northpoint.

With Ernie’s moving from Northpoint, that left their space open. Big City has moved in to take it over. They recently had a grand opening. I didn’t hear many good things. Mostly about how they ignored people. Hopefully that was just a start up problem. Sunshine Cindy and I will need to get over there to check it out as well as Ernie’s.

A Crab Island picture to warm up this cold day

Back in Destin I have heard the folks that run the Red Bar in Grayton Beach are opening a place in Shoreline Village shopping center at the entrance to Holiday Isle. They are remodeling the two story building that has housed several different places but none lasted very long. If this new place is anything like the Red Bar, it will be a great addition to the Destin bar/restaurant scene. The Red Bar is a funky place that is an institution in Grayton Beach.

"Embrace the Chaos!"

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Have a great turkey day!!!! See ya Monday!

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