Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer fun in Destin

The summer fun continues along the Gulf Coast. There is always something happening around Destin. Friday was laid back. I met Sunshine Cindy at Friday’s for lunch. Rick was cracking jokes as usual while a good crowd enjoyed themselves. The big news was we didn’t get any rain while we were there. That was a welcome change.

Friday night the Emerald Coast Parrothead Club met at The American Legion. We had about 100 people show up. A lot of money was raised for the USO. As the meeting was winding down a big group of us went into the bar for Karaoke. There are some real good singers who got up there and some not so good ones but everyone had a great time. As usual we closed down the bar.

Mike, Marcia and Sunshine Cindy singing "Love Shack"

Saturday I headed down to the harbor. As I walked by the Tipsy Turtle I saw some folks we had met a while back at Landshark Pizza at one of our parties. They read my weekend update each week to see what’s going on. That’s cool. I walked down to see if Steve was at his Hawaiian Ice booth. He wants some of our Crab Island Mambo tee shirts. He was not open so I walked back to the Turtle to talk to the folks I knew. Debbie was working and a decent crowd of tourist were walking along the boardwalk even though it was drizzling rain.

I made my way down to the Monkey Bar. Just a few locals were there. Rose was working the bar. Some guy was getting set up to play music. One guy sitting at the bar works the Burrito del Mar trailer. He said they do great late night business. I believe it as the drunks look for something to eat.

Jager at The Boathouse

I left and went to The Boathouse. Jager was working the outside bar. Courtney saw me and came and give me a big hug. Paige walked by hollering hello to me. I didn’t know she worked there. Then Gigi came by, gave me a jello shot and talked for a while. I also talked to a local that was there and we watched as the tourist came and went. It is always fun at The Boathouse but I needed to get back down to the Turtle. We had missed Matt’s birthday on Friday because of the Parrothead meeting so I had to make amends.

Sunshine Cindy and I gave Matt one of our black long sleeve tee shirts as a gift. He is always wearing long sleeves and we knew he would like it. He was surprised and thankful. He said they a fun time Friday night as a big crowd showed up with cakes and stuff. Matt is fun and he knows how to keep everyone loose at the Turtle. As the evening wore on, Matt and Mindy set up and started to play. I stayed for a while then decided to head towards the house. I made one last stop at Sago Sports Bar. They had a good crowd in there but I was out of gas and headed home to rest.

Mindy and Matt at the Tipsy Turtle

Sunday Funday was spent on the harbor again. Sunshine Cindy and I went to Dewey Destin’s for a late lunch after running some errands. Dewey’s sits up the hill overlooking the harbor and boardwalk. Sunshine Cindy had Grouper and I had Red Snapper. It was all fantastic. We sat on the outside deck with a nice breeze blowing to keep things comfortable. Tina waited on us. She only had worked there for a few days but she did great. We are not sure why we had not been there before but we will be back.

Wayne was meeting us at Crab Island Cantina. As we walked there we stopped at Steve’s booth. He was there this time. We gave him his tee shirts and we talked to him and the lady who has the booth next to him who sells tee shirts. She already had a deal with someone for Crab Island shirts but she loved our design. We might be able to work out something next year to have her carry our shirts. If you want to see our merchandize and get some for yourself, check us out:

Our latest t-shirt design

At the Cantina, Al was playing the sax. He is becoming a good friend of ours. Another friend, Beth also joined us. We had not seen Beth in a year or so. We talked to Carlos a bit before he took off for the afternoon. Sharon and her friend (Judy?) came and sat at the bar. We talked to them then another friend, Steve came in. It was becoming a Destin local’s place to hang out! When Al took a break we headed down the boardwalk making a stop at The Crazy Lobster. Jesse was working the outside bar so we had to stop and give him a hard time.

Sunshine Cindy and Al the Sax Man

We ended up back at the Turtle. Matt had a good crowd and the boardwalk was busy with families walking around. We saw more people we know. Kelly was there. Tony and Amy were at the bar. Kerby and David stopped in. Brian from the Sinkin’ Weenie came by between customers at his food boat. It was a perfect end to the weekend.

Have a great week. See ya Thursday!

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