Monday, July 22, 2013

Calypso Nuts and John Friday were in Destin

Wow, what a fun and crazy weekend we had in Destin. “Embrace the Chaos!” was our motto! Thursday night we fought the traffic and made our way down to Crab Island Cantina. When we got there the Calypso Nuts had already started to play. Mark and Stephanie were there with a table right up front. We joined them and a while later Capt. John also joined us. Kevin, Chuck and Dave boated over and took a spot at the bar. Robbie and Lynley put on a great show. There were fireworks to cap the evening. It was a lot of fun.

The Calypso Nuts (Lynley and Robbie)

After we left the Cantina, we stopped at the Tipsy Turtle. We chatted with Matt for a while and watched everyone walking the harbor. By the time we left the crowds had thinned out from the gridlock we had earlier. It did not help having a idiot pull across the median on the Island right in front of a truck. The SUV rolled and blocked traffic for hours. A co-worker of mine witnessed the whole thing as the guy was right in front of him. To make matters worse, the only bush in the median on that entire 5 mile stretch of road is what he pulled out from behind of so the guy coming the other way never saw him coming.

Friday night our friend Jan Patton was playing music at the Freaky Tiki bar on the harbor with Kenny on the harmonica. We got there about 7. A good crowd was already at the bar. Jan was sounding good. In short order Wayne, Pat, Steve, Dottie, Buzz, Marsha and several others all showed up. Jan had people stopping to listen. At one point I look up and see Darla and Bob come in. They heard the music but didn’t realize it was Jan who was playing. They stayed for a while. Then Matt and Brian also stopped in. At this point the place was packed.

Jan and Kenny

We stayed till Jan finished up for the night. There were still a good number of folks walking around the harbor and heading to The Boathouse and the Monkey Bar. Sunshine Cindy and I were out of gas though. We headed home as we called it a night.

Saturday was crazy. John Friday played at Crab Island Cantina starting at 3 pm. Sunshine Cindy, Tiffany and I got there about 2:30. We got the big table up front. Jim and Betty showed up then Wayne made it. Wayne said he could see Sunshine Cindy in her bright lime green Crab Island Mambo tank top from the Destin bridge. She always stands out! LOL  Judie and Kelly made it having fought traffic in Ft. Walton Beach. Julie, Suzanne, Karen and Ann also joined us. We had a great time as John played non-stop till about 7:30.

John Friday

At one point a giant yacht came under the Destin bridge and started towards the harbor. They were not lined up in the channel and you can see them hit the sandy bottom. The yacht listed pretty far to the right as the captain started to back up to get off the sandbar. He made another approach this time using the channel to great applause from everyone!

The mega yacht as it hits the sandbar

When John finished we hung around talking. Sunshine Cindy and Tiffany took off to wander the boardwalk. As John packed up Wayne and I helped him load his gear as we got ready to move on. Then Cherie and her date showed up at the Cantina for dinner. While talking to them Kenny and Leanna showed up. They thought John was playing till 9. They missed that memo!

The harbor was packed again. Vince Vance and the Valiant’s from New Orleans was playing on the big stage. We kept walking and went past the area that seems to be turning into a carnival type of spot. In front of AJ’s we saw JB and Tami. We made it to the Tipsy Turtle where Matt and Mindy were playing. We had fun hanging out there. Matt introduced me to Charley who owns The Crust pizzeria. There might be an advertising opportunity there for Crab Island Mambo.  

Judie and Wayne at the Turtle

Matt was having a busy night. Matt and Mindy were having fun as they usually do. We had a bunch of folks stop by and hang out for a while. It was fun but it got to be late and time to head home. As Sunshine Cindy, Tiffany and I walked back to the car we ran into JD and Tami again. This time they had an entourage with them. We talked for a while then kept on going. We got home and sat outside listening to the frogs and crickets.

Sunday was a slower day. We dropped off Sunshine Cindy’s car to have new tires put on. We headed to Friday’s for some lunch. It was not too busy. Desiree and Sara took care of us. When we left the car was still not ready so we went to the harbor and Freaky Tiki. Scott and Bonnie were there. We just stayed for one beer and then went to get the car. The rest of the afternoon at home we were slugs! LOL

Have a great week. See ya Thursday!

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