Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ark on order…

The amount of rain we have been getting this summer is unreal. It is so bad I had to order an Ark. Ark’s-R-Us is all sold out but I was lucky as We-b-Arks had a new shipment coming in. Okay, I am kidding of course but we are closing in on almost 20 inches of rain already this month.

We have been out and around the town this week. Tuesday night I want to Landshark Pizza to relax for a while. I sat next to Brian and we solved all the world’s problems. They were busy as Sue, Jason and Shelby kept everyone served. Kerby came in later and joined us. While there a big storm blew through. It was raining so hard at one point we could not see the cars in the parking lot. Luckily it only lasted a short while.

Pontoon rental

Wednesday I did a bunch of running around. It started at Friday’s in Destin where once again a storm blew through. I headed to the harbor where it had not rained. I walked down to Crab Island Cantina. I saw Carlos and talked to some tourist. I then walked back down the harbor and stopped and talked to Steve at the Hawaiian Ice Booth. He is doing well this summer despite the rain.

My next stop was at the Tipsy Turtle. Debbie was working and Brian from Sinkin’ Weenie was there too. Debbie was telling me the Freaky Tiki might not reopen. She heard there was some type of problem. I hope they get it worked out. When I left the Turtle I walked by there and it was deserted.

The Boardwalk on the harbor

I rode over to the Rotten Apple. Tracy was working and her husband Chip came in. Chip is a boat captain and one of his clients gave him some homemade moonshine. It was made with peaches and it was good. I made one more stop at Hogs Breath before heading home.

Sunshine Cindy and I then walked over to Sago Sports Bar. First Bert sat next to us. We have seen him there many times. He is a nice old guy who lives there at the Palms. He left and another older gentleman joined us. He told us he almost 80 but you would have never known it. He runs one of the biggest real estate agencies in town. In talking to him it sounded like the new Dolly Parton project might include both a pirate dinner theater and a wild west type dinner theater. That would be a surprise. He was an interesting guy.

Jet Ski rentals

A new entertainment spot will be opening at Destin Commons as part of their expansion. Uncle Bucks FishBowl and Grill is a restaurant, bar and bowling/billiards hall. It is a part of the Bass Pro Shops chain. It should be open sometime next year. On a different note, The Lighthouse Restaurant is closing. The shopping center where they have been located at for about 30 years did not renew their lease as they are going to change the makeup of the center. The owners hope to find a new location.

The Parrotheads meet this Friday but nothing else is planned at this time. See ya Monday!

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