Monday, January 28, 2013

Margaritaville is coming to Destin

Last week there was a semi official announcement about Margaritaville coming to Destin. As I reported earlier, I was told contracts were signed for Coyote Ugly and Margaritaville to come to Harborwalk Village. Well, the Destin Log reported Coyote Ugly was taking over the building that used to house The Shedd. They hope to be up and running by April. In the article the owner of Coyote Ugly also mentioned Margaritaville was going to be a neighbor of theirs. As the worst kept secret in Destin is finally getting out, they will take over the old Lucky Snapper building. Exciting times on the Destin harbor.

Margaritaville heading to Destin

We got out and about the last few days. Friday I planned to go to the Parrothead meeting but could not find a place to park. So I went to Landshark Pizza and hung out there for a while. I talked to Brian for a good while as well as a few other locals. Steph and Renee were working and did a good job as the place was packed. Wayne joined me for a while too.

Steph playing peek-a-boo at Landshark

Saturday the weather was beautiful. I washed BadAss and Sunshine Cindy and I ended up at the harbor. We met Alan and Jackie upstairs at Harry T’s. There was a good crowd walking in the village and we ran into some friends at Harry T’s. Jack and his lovely wife Lynn were there with a mother and daughter that I don’t remember the relationship to Jack and Lynn. Sorry, getting old I guess! LOL  Then Wayne stopped in. An old friend of Sunshine Cindy’s also walked by and they chatted for a bit. Finally Cherie also stopped by. Everyone was out in the nice weather.

Alan and Jackie headed over to the Crab Island Cantina and Sunshine Cindy and I joined them. The place was also pretty crowded. Greg was behind the bar and he was kept busy. Loren took care of us as we had a few brews and some food. It was a fun time. When we left there we stopped in at the Crazy Lobster. We wanted to see if they planned any Super Bowl specials. They are not but we talked with Jesse the bartender as they were not busy. We talked about New Orleans, Key West, the harbor, BP…yep, it ran the gamut. We stayed for a good while enjoying the conversation.

Mardi Gras Destin style

Sunday was another beautiful day in Destin. The top was down on the car as we ran some errands. It was definitely a ragtop kind of day. Sunshine Cindy and I ended up at Sago Sports Bar to have a snack. We also got to watch some hockey games too. An added bonus. Julie came and joined us and we all enjoyed the ending of the weekend.

Get out and enjoy the last week of January. See ya Thursday!

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