Monday, August 27, 2012

Trop Rock Chaos and Isaac

It has been a hectic couple of days here in paradise. Tropical Storm Isaac is all you hear about but for us Friday was a prep day for our party at Anglers. I left work early to go help unload and set up the stage for Saturday. Still in my work clothes I was put to work when I got there. Sunshine Cindy and I also moved tables around to get the right set-up for the party. We also brought all our merchandise upstairs and got our banners hung. By the time we were done, I was a sweaty mess. We went down to the bar and had a few beers and some food. Cassie was working the bar and Justin came in later. I felt better after the beer and food. Friday night was spent at home getting the final details for Saturday done.

Sunshine Cindy during the set up

On Saturday the news continued to be about Isaac. It was going to hammer Key West. At least that is what the Worry…I mean Weather Channel said. I was not sure how it was going to be so bad as it was not even a hurricane but only a Tropical Storm. While all that was going on we went to the Island to get checked into the hotel and head over to Anglers. Jim Asbell was going to get there about noon to start setting up. When I got there Jim was already there and getting things set up. Jim is a great guy that we hear every year in Key West. They always put on a great show and we were glad to get him. The music was starting at 4:00 with Eric Stone. Eric got there about 2:45 and the rest of Jim’s band got there about the same time. Everything was good to go.

Eric Stone

It was a great evening of music and dancing. Everyone had a blast. We had some real party folks there. I can’t name them all but it was fun. We had Anglers rocking. After the show Jim, Todd and Philip from his band stopped by our room for a few nightcaps. Judie, Kelly and Wayne brought some Waffle House burgers too. Thanks!!! We had a fun time. The news on Isaac was now showing it coming right to Destin. Main Street was the target. This was about 1:30 am in the morning.

Dancing to Jim Asbell & The Tropiholics

Sunday when we got up the path of Isaac was now a hundred miles farther west. In a few hours we went from ground zero to out of the danger zone. Of course it can change again but once it gets into the gulf, it is easier to pinpoint a landfall spot. That is why I don’t get too worked up until it is in the gulf. Key West was getting rain and wind on Sunday but nothing major. The news media almost sounded dejected. Sunshine Cindy and I went back to Anglers for brunch and to make sure everything was taken care of upstairs. It was all good and so was the food. While sitting there eating I looked at one of the TV’s with the Worry Channel on and there is a guy in Fort Walton Beach reporting. I see the pier in the background. The same pier I am looking at behind Anglers. The dude was right outside on the beach. The weather was perfect and many people were swimming. I guess that was not a good scene to show and we didn’t see him again. LOL

Beautiful Sunday morning with Isaac off the coast of Key West

Sunday afternoon we went to the harbor to see what was going on there in preparation. It was a ghost town. Most of the boats were taken to sheltered bayous in the bay. The outdoor places were all closed. The Boathouse was open but they were getting ready too. The love bugs were swarming. It was annoying. We had a beer at the Boathouse and one more at Harry T’s. We left to have a pizza at Landshark. We relaxed there talking to Sue and Steve. A nice end to the evening.

Its Monday and Isaac is now projected even farther west. It looks like New Orleans will get hit. This is not supposed to be a major hurricane and it is moving fast so hopefully they won’t get too much damage. Everyone remembers Katrina from a few years ago. I am ready for Isaac to go away. I am tired of hearing about him! See ya Thursday…

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