Friday, August 31, 2012

All Isaac all the time

“Isaac, the biggest storm the Weather Channel has ever created!” That should be the lasting impression of this storm. Yes, there has been some flooding in Louisiana because the storm slowed down but if you have been watching the Worry Channel for the last two weeks, you would think this was going to be a once in lifetime storm. It was but only if you’re a baby just born! Sunshine Cindy and I went down to the beach on Tuesday to check out the wave action. They were pretty cool but I have seen it rougher. But actually this was okay by me, no need to push the limits. The state of Florida got off easy and that’s a good thing.

Yeah, Florida got hammered. LOL

While we were down at the beach we talked to some other locals. It seems like a lot of people had the same idea we did. After a few minutes of being there we looked up and coming down the walkway was Eric Stone and Kim. They were still in town and had the same idea we did. Everyone was watching the sky as the radar was showing a band of rain coming our way. We knew we might have to make a run for it. We looked up the walkway and here came Russ on his bike being kind of pulled by his dog Ginger. It was now officially a party! But a party that was short lived. Russ barely got stopped and here came the rain. It came down in buckets. We said our goodbye’s and made the mad dash to BadAss.

Eric, Kim, Steve and Sunshine Cindy

We decided to head to Friday’s for a few beers and some food. Driving over the rain almost stopped until we pulled into the parking lot. Then once again the skies opened up. By the time we got inside to the bar we were soaked. Oh well, we didn’t melt. Ruth was there and we chatted with her for a while as we watched the indoor waterfall. They have a leak in the roof. It was leaking from two different spots by the bar with one spot actually coming down like you were in a shower. I think they need to fix that before someone gets hurt. The rain didn’t last too long and after we ate we went back home.

Wednesday was actually a little more stormy than Tuesday was. It was still nothing terrible for us. Go a few miles east to Panama City and they got almost nothing. In fact a friend posted saying the only two days in the month they didn’t get some rain over there was when they were under a Tropical Storm Warning. Go figure. We stayed in Wednesday evening. I got some Crab Island Mambo updates done and we chilled which was nice.

The harbor back to normal

On Thursday everything is back to normal around the Emerald Coast. Sunshine Cindy and I got our weekend started. We went to Millers Ale House. College football has started and the place was packed. We enjoyed the Bud Light bucket special, had some food and chatted with Jared, one of the managers of the place. We are hoping they will advertise with us on the Crab Island Mambo web site. From there we stopped at The Palms. The Palms is a beautiful condo complex. They are changing their bar to a sports bar. A few people were there and they are almost done with the transformation. It will be nice and it's right across the street from us.

Have a great Labor Day weekend. See ya Monday.....

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