Monday, January 9, 2017

Winter comes to Destin

Just like the rest of the country, winter arrived in Destin this past weekend. Our week started out with nice warm temps and even some strong thunderstorms. By Friday we had a cold front come through. On Friday we had our high temp about 7 am and it dropped the rest of the day. By the evening we had a cold rain falling and one last strong thunderstorm blowing through town. Saturday morning we were in the low 30’s with the wind blowing about 800 mph! lol  At least it didn’t snow!

Trop Rock musician Don Middlebrook was playing at LuLu’s in Destin Friday and Saturday nights. Sunshine Cindy and I didn’t go out Friday as we are wimps but we did go hear Don on Saturday. On Saturday we had about 15 friends show up to listen to Don. LuLu’s was thrilled to have us as the place was pretty empty otherwise. LuLu’s has a good deal on PBR bottles. They are just $2 each. I always order them as I like PBR. Yeah, I really do! They have a fun special promotion with the PBR’s. You guess a playing card (like a 9 of hearts) and on the bottle cap is a card number. If you guess right you get the beer for free. I just missed guessing one correctly. I had the right number but wrong suite. It’s just something fun to do at the bar.

There was a couple at the bar from upstate NY. They are big fans of Don and made a special trip to Destin to hear him. Renee and Todd were traveling to Port Charlotte and made a detour to Destin. They are both parrot heads and also fans of the Cleveland Browns so we had that in common! They were nice folks and I’m sure we will see them again sometime.

When Sunshine Cindy and I left LuLu’s we were going to stop at Chan’s Craft Bar. To our surprise the parking lot was packed and we could see the inside was filled up. So instead we stopped at Longhorn’s. We had some appetizers and enjoyed a quiet time at the bar.

I took Chaos out for walks on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. I froze both times. The wind was the killer. It was howling and with temps in the upper 20’s on Sunday made it feel like was in the teens. That might not be too cold for our Ohio and Minnesota friends but it is like the artic to us! 

Sunday I went to Landshark Pizza for a while to watch some football. It was not too busy for the first game but I knew it would get packed for the Packers game later. The Steelers routed the Dolphins so I didn’t stay real long. Paige was working the bar and told me on Saturday night they were super busy. One of their busiest nights yet. That was strange as the town is pretty empty right now with just snowbirds around who don’t stay out late.

Last week I attended my first parrot head board meeting. We have a lot of good things coming up with the Emerald Coast Parrot Head club for this year. The club raises and donates a lot of money and man hours each year. Last year the club donated over $15,000 to local charities and over 2500 volunteer man hours were noted for things like our beach cleanups, working on a Habitat for Humanity house and other worthwhile causes. We really do “Party with a Purpose!” Come join the club and help out the community. Our next meeting will be this Friday at Landshark Pizza in Destin starting at 5:30 pm. Jan Patton will be providing the music for us.

Around town it was reported chef Emeril Lagasse is going to be opening a new restaurant in Grand Boulevard. The restaurant has not been named yet but the plans are for a spring time opening. Emeril has a house in the area and is seen frequently out and about.

See ya all next Monday!!!

Destin Steve

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