Monday, January 2, 2017

Welcome to 2017 in Destin

Sunshine Cindy and I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year’s celebration. It was a fun week where we had great weather and lots of folks in town to celebrate.

Last Monday we took Tiffany to The Back Porch for lunch. The place was packed but we got some seats at the bar. After lunch we walked on the beach. The sun was out and it was actually hot. There were even a few folks in the water. They must have been tourist from up north someplace.

Tiffany flew back to Atlanta on Tuesday. Meanwhile Sunshine Cindy and I relaxed around the house. We did go to Landshark Pizza on Thursday for lunch. People kept coming and going as the place stayed busy. Tommy, Capt. Browning, Pops and others were there enjoying the afternoon. Brian and Jason were staying busy keeping up with everyone.

Friday evening the ECPHC had a New Year’s Eve Eve party at Harry T’s. About 100 people were there having a great time. Flash Flood duo played music and Dan put out a great spread of food for everyone. Sunshine Cindy and I got there a little early and went to the downstairs bar. Wayne, Judi and Kelly were already there. Then Alan and Jackie, Suzanne and Mike showed up. The party had begun. We all went upstairs when the doors opened. The party was a blast. While we partied upstairs the Florida State alumni club was downstairs watching the FSU / Michigan bowl game. That ended up being the most exciting game of the bowl season as FSU pulled it out at the end.

Saturday was New Year’s Eve. The last few years Sunshine Cindy and I have gone out early then got home to relax while watching everyone on TV party. This year was no different. We headed to Landshark to watch the Bama game. While there Alan and Jackie came and joined us. As they were leaving Kenny showed up. About the time Kenny was leaving Steve and Becky come in. It was fun catching up with everyone. I had a pizza while Sunshine Cindy had a Brat sandwich. Glen was smoking port butts and ribs and they smelled and looked so good. That’s what we will get next time!

We did go home and watched all the different things cities drop to ring in the new year. There were live cut-ins from Harborwalk Village in Destin and it was packed. We could hear the fireworks at our house when they were shot off too. It was a nice way to bring in 2017.

Sunday was the last NFL game of the season for the Browns. We went to Charlie’s inside Crab Island Cantina to watch the game. Ken, Cheryl, Donnie, Julie, Alan, Jackie, Steve and Becky all joined us. The Browns played a pretty decent game but still lost. This season is mercifully over. But we had a good time with our friends!

Around town, the day after Christmas the TGIFriday’s in Destin closed down. This was no surprise as this place had gone down the last few years. The building was run down and all the good workers were run off. Fridays used to be the place to party in Destin. When I first got to town back in 1999 Friday’s was all by itself with no Destin Commons or the other centers around there. Everyone went to Fridays. If you didn’t get there by 4 on Friday afternoons you could not get in. One of our favorite servers of all time, Rick worked days and he was a hoot. Then a new GM came in and ran off everyone including the locals. That plus they didn’t do anything to upgrade the building. Earlier today as I drove by the building there were U-Haul trucks being loaded. I guess they wanted to save the 1980 era bathroom fixtures that were still there. LOL

In Fort Walton Beach I got some info that The Spot has already closed. This is the old Staff’s building. Word on the street is they closed suddenly and left a lot of unpaid bills in their wake. I never saw or heard any advertising about this place so it’s no surprise they closed so soon.

The snowbirds are here. I went to Publix this morning and I was the youngest person there. LOL This reminds me of a joke by our friend Brent Burns; “If a car from Michigan passes you this time of the year, It’s stolen!”

Let’s have a fantastic 2017 in Destin and beyond! See ya next Monday!!!

Destin Steve

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