Monday, November 28, 2016

The Holiday Season is upon us…

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Destin saw a big influx of tourist for the holiday. Heading home from work on Wednesday the traffic on 98 was heavy but moving.

Thanksgiving day saw Sunshine Cindy and I take Chaos to Cindy’s parent’s house for dinner. We had a nice dinner then spent time down at the dock. Chaos loved running in their big back yard and looking over the side of the dock into the water. We have not had any rain in many weeks so the water was crystal clear. Chaos kept us entertained. By the time we got home about 7 or so Chaos was a tired puppy and slept all night.

Black Friday was a special day for us. It was one year ago on Black Friday 2015 that we brought home Chaos from Alaqua. She was an 8 pound pup who didn’t know what was happening. Now one year later she is over 60 pounds and is the princess of the house!

We took Chaos down to the harbor as she loves to sniff all the smells down there. The harbor was packed with folks. Charter boats were coming in from a day on the water, sunset cruises were getting ready to go out and the restaurants and bars were busy. We parked by The Boathouse and walked towards Harborwalk Village. We stopped at Fishheads for a beer. Melisa was working and staying very busy as a steady stream of people were stopping and buying drinks.

Our next stop was at Crab Island Cantina. We got our usual spot at the outside bar. Bob was working the bar. Chaos was the star as folks were coming up and petting her and saying how beautiful she is. You really can meet a lot of folks when you have a dog.

We planned to walk back towards the car but at Hooks on the Harbor we saw Kerby and David. We stopped to chat with them and next thing you know we are there for an hour. Scotty was there and Tony stopped by too. We got some sad news there. Hooks was having their last day on Sunday. Their lease was not renewed as that prime land will be sold. We heard Alan from AJ’s might be getting it but we are not sure. Hooks was a good locals hangout. We don’t have many of those left anymore.

Sunshine Cindy, Chaos and I then headed to Duck Duck. Passing the Boathouse I saw Jack at his usual spot at the bar. I stopped in to say hello. Jack is a good guy and a fixture on the harbor and at the Boathouse. We got to Duck Duck and saw the sunset. It was another wonderful day. This was another night where Chaos got home and slept all night.

On Saturday I wanted to watch the Ohio State / Michigan football game at Charlie’s inside the Cantina. Carlos is a Michigan guy so one of us would be crying in our beer. Sunshine Cindy and I got there in the middle of the first quarter and stayed for the entire game. It was a great game as Ohio State won in double overtime. It was a lot of fun watching the game there as Carlos has changed things up a little. They have a 2 for 1 happy hour all day long as long as you order some food. That’s one of the best deals going. They are also now doing pizza on the weekends and it really looked great. I would be having one real soon!

After the OSU game we stopped at Landshark Pizza to hang out for a while. A big crowd was there watching the Bama / Auburn game as well as Wisconsin / Minnesota. We had fun talking to a couple of airmen who were sitting next to us. It was a nice end to the day.

So on Sunday I wanted to torture myself and watch the Browns play. Sunshine Cindy and I went back to Charlie’s. Wayne joined us. Josh was working the inside bar and took good care of us. Sunshine Cindy and Wayne both ordered one of their signature burgers. And yes, I got a pizza. It was really good. It was big and tasty. I highly recommend it. Having it helped with the pain of watching the Browns! LOL  And with that the holiday weekend came to a close.

Around Destin the construction of the “Baby Grande” is getting ready to get started. It is supposed to include a hotel, condo, retail and restaurant space. They have to do something before the end of the year or their permits will run out. So I expect to see some dirt moved and some type of small structures built.

The Donut Hole is having their usual December closure. They will reopen right before Christmas. And on the harbor across from Sexton some old buildings have been torn down. I understand there will be some type of condo going up there too. The building boom in Destin is not slowing down.

Have a great week. I will have a full Destin report next Monday!

Destin Steve

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