Monday, April 25, 2016

Destin Staycation

I took last week off but we stayed home and played “tourist” in our own town. Sunshine Cindy had to work but she left early one day and took off Friday. It was a great week as the weather was perfect almost the entire time. This is longer blog than normal but enjoy!

On Monday I spent most of the day working on a special project at home. In the afternoon I headed to the beach and The Sandbar. There was not much going on but having a cold beer by the Gulf of Mexico was priceless. From there I went to Hogs Breath. Some local fishermen were in there telling stories about the one that got away. I got some lunch and picked up my new locals card as I had lost my last one. Then I was off to the Rotten Apple. Courtney was behind the bar. Tommy and a couple other folks were in there doing some day drinking. I went home from there but my week was off to a good start.

Tuesday was even better. I took Chaos to the dog park where she was able to run around like a mad dog. lol  I took her back home and I headed to the harbor. I stopped in at the boardwalk bar at Tailfins. I watched as Galati’s Yacht’s was putting into the water a huge cruiser. Next stop was Fishheads. Melissa was there behind her bar. There were a lot of people there. We had a chance to chat a little but she was mostly busy. I sat in the sun enjoying the warmth.

I continued down the harbor. I decided to stop at the outside bar at Jackacuda’s. I was the only one there. Adam the bartender was a nice guy who loved to talk. He used to work there when the place was The Crazy Lobster. We knew some of the same people. His main bartending job now is at Ruth’s Chris steak house. He even gave me the secret to parking there. That is also priceless. My last stop was at Crab Island Cantina. While there Brian (BT) Turner came up. He was getting ready to head to The Boathouse for his Tuesday show. I told him we would try to make it. And we did…Sunshine Cindy and I went there and had a blast. BT puts on a fun show and he had the crowd energized.

Now the week was really getting going. On Wednesday I stopped in at The Crust for lunch. I love their pasta dishes and at lunch they are a great deal. I could eat it every day!!!! In the late afternoon I went to Harry T’s to meet up with some friends. Judie and Kelly were there as was Robbin and Jeff from Milwaukee. It was a lot of fun seeing them and hanging with them. We did happy hour downstairs then went upstairs for the sunset. Dan the owner came by and when I told him about our out of town friends he offered them a cigar (it was cigar night) that Jeff accepted then Dan sent over a huge plate of pork skins. That was cool.

I went back down to the harbor on Thursday to enjoy more of our fantastic weather. I got a beer at Fishheads and watched the tourist walking by. From there I went back to Harry T’s. Red was bartending. I have known Red from her day’s at Anglers on the island. Dan was there talking to a customer, saw me and remarked how I could not stay away. Then he bought me a beer! While there I had a tourist sit next to me start to talk…and talk…and talk. He was a nice guy but he never shut up. LOL  Harry T’s has a great happy hour at the bar. It goes from 11 am to 7 pm with all drinks half priced and appetizer specials too. The bar is almost always packed for good reason.

After Harry T’s I stopped once again at the boardwalk bar at Tailfins. Cheryl was working inside but saw me and came to say hello. I also noticed they had a small band stage set-up with a banner for Ronnie Satterfield. Ronnie used to perform on the boardwalk at AJ’s for a couple summers. He is a good entertainer who moved to Nashville. He is back in Destin and I filed it away for future reference. Last stop before heading home was the Rotten Apple again. Tracy was working the bar. Tommy and several others were there again. I think we solved some of the world’s problems.

Thursday evening Sunshine Cindy and I decided to go to Landshark Pizza to listen to BT perform. This is a special trial BT and Landshark are trying to see if they can make it work. The week before it was crowded but not this Thursday. We were there for the entire show. There was 10 or so others who came and went. The problem was a big festival in Harborwalk Village that drew most of the people down there. But we had fun! The tequila was good too! LOL

Sunshine Cindy was off on Friday and we got a lot of things done around the house. In the late afternoon we had a Parrot Head meeting at LuLu’s. Our friends from Texas Jerry Diaz and Hanna’s Reef were playing for everyone and they were great as usual. We had a lot of fun.

The good times continued on Saturday. While Sunshine Cindy was preparing for a party we were having on Sunday I took off to get some stuff from Publix then I headed down old 98 for a top-down ride in the sun along the beach in Badass. Heading back I decided to stop in at TFI Fridays. It has been a long time since we were in there as the management ran the place into the ground. I heard they had new management so I wanted to give it another chance. It looked the same. I ordered a draft beer. It was stale. Enough said…probably another long time before we go back.

In the afternoon Sunshine Cindy and I took Chaos down to the harbor. Chaos loves going for a car ride and walking along the harbor. We stopped at Hooks for a beer. A couple local characters were there. Destin has some unique folks and you can see most of them on the harbor. They were good guys who loved Chaos. We then went to Crab Island Cantina. Jasmine and Josh were working the bar. We had four tourist ladies sit by us. They also fell in love with Chaos. We enjoyed the salt air and watching the boats come and go. The boardwalk was filled with tourist. I don’t know where they all came from. Boats lined The Pointe too. It looked like a Summer day down there.

When we left the Cantina we stopped at Tailfins and got a table. Cheryl waited on us so that was cool. There were other dogs there so Chaos had some friends to play with. We also got lucky as Ronnie was getting ready to play. So we stayed and had some dinner listening to Ronnie. Chaos also enjoyed herself. When we got Chaos home she was one tired puppy as she fell asleep in the car.

On Sunday we had an early birthday party for Sunshine Cindy with her parents. It was a nice relaxing day and a perfect end to my Staycation!

Around town Panini Pete’s opened. We will need to check it out sometime. Also Whole Foods opened in the Commons. A lot of people were excited about the opening. It will be interesting to see how they do.

This coming Saturday we have singer/songwriter Matt Hoggatt playing at Landshark Pizza from 4-7 pm. Matt was discovered by Jimmy Buffett and signed by his record label. He is a fun entertainer. There is no cover charge so come out for good music, food and drinks! We hope to see you there. A full report next Monday on the fun and chaos!

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