Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas!!!

Sunshine Cindy and I want to wish all of our friends a very Merry Christmas. We hope the holiday season brings you peace and joy.

It was pretty slow around Destin this past week. Sunshine Cindy and I went to Landshark Pizza Friday night for a while but that was about it. I did help Sunshine Cindy mix up about a ton of Trail Mix. It turned out very good too.

There continues to be a lot of new construction around Destin. The extended stay hotel by restaurant row is quickly going up. Same with the new condo on the beach on restaurant row. The other big condo project by Henderson is shaping up as well. This is going to be a huge complex.

There is a new building going up next to the new Goodyear Tire shop in front of Home Depot. It is a new Wendy’s. The original Wendy’s in Destin is old and outdated. This new place is going to replace the old one.

A few years ago a Dolly Parton owned company bought up a bunch of land in Destin off Commons Drive. There were reports a possible dinner theater was going to be built there. That all fell through and the land went back up for sale. This weekend I noticed the land is now listed as “contract pending.” I am curious as who might be looking at this land now. It is a big parcel that could become a major type of attraction. We shall see what develops.

Last week there was a big power outage in Destin. Something blew on a power pole across from Coyote Ugly. The traffic light at the Grande was out and there was no power all the way down to about Hogs Breath. Since the power trucks were taking up the inside lane on the westbound side of 98, the traffic backed up all the way past Big Kahuna’s. I was glad I was going the other way. All the places along the harbor had to close down. It was a weird sight not seeing any lights along that stretch of road.

We had a few days of colder temps but now it’s warming back up. We are projected to be at 78 for Christmas. I will take it!

Everyone have a good holiday. See ya next Monday!!!

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