Monday, December 29, 2014

The Week Between the Holidays

Thursday was a nice day at home celebrating Christmas with the family. Of course we ate too much but that is to be expected. LOL

The bar was ready for Christmas dinner

Sunshine Cindy continues to get better which has allowed us to get out a little. Friday we went to the harbor with Tiffany. We stopped in at Harry T’s in the middle of the afternoon. The bar was packed. It took a while for us to get some seats. Tad was behind the bar. Lou came by to say hello. It was a festive atmosphere in there.

When we left we walked down to Crab Island Cantina. I talked to Mike for a while then we made a stop at Margaritaville. Becca was working there. It was nice to see her and say hello. One thing about Margaritaville in Destin…the bar service is slow. It has been this way from day one. Even with almost no one at the bar it takes forever to get served and even longer to pay your bill. On top of that I heard them saying they were out of Miller Lite and Mich Ultra. How can a major bar be out of two of the top selling beers?

Sunshine Cindy and Tiffany

We walked down to AJ’s to watch the sunset. On the way we saw Tony and Amy and caught up on the latest news with them. Then a little farther down we talked to Matt at his booth where he books charters. When we got to AJ’s we saw Sami. It turns out her son Layne and his new wife Tasha were in town and there. I have not seen Layne in about 10 years. He is in the Army now and he and Tasha make a great couple. I am happy for them both. While at AJ’s we also ran into Tom from Fishheads. He was there getting some sunset pics too.

Layne, Sami and Tashi at AJ's

We made one last stop on the way home at Joe’s Crab Shack for dinner. I found it odd that at Joe’s they don’t serve Yunegling beer but they still have a big Yuengling sign on the wall. Leave it to corporations to make boneheaded decisions. After dinner we went home and played some board games before calling it a night.

Saturday was more laid back. Sunshine Cindy and Tiffany went shopping. I made a stop at Landshark Pizza to watch some football and have some wings. That was the excitement for Saturday. Sunday I was back at Landshark to watch the Browns game. They were competitive but still lost. Oh well, wait till next year. Landshark filled up with Packer fans for the second game. John and Deb were there to watch the game. They are big Packer fans. The Pack won so they were all happy.

Brian at Landshark Pizza

Sunshine Cindy and I met up with Alan and Jackie at the Ramada on the island for a few drinks in the evening. They had just got back into town. The Ramada had several touring basketball teams staying there. The lobby area was packed with kids. The kids were all nice and respectful. While we were there we heard the old Howl at the Moon is going to become a Mexican restaurant. Just what we need, another Mexican restaurant. That location should be some type of club like it was with Howl at the Moon. At least that’s my opinion! LOL

Have a great week. Be safe on New Year’s Eve. See ya on Thursday!

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