Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cooler temps in Destin

After some rain on Monday we have had several days of perfect weather here in Destin. The humidity is way down, temps are a little lower and the sky is a perfect blue. The morning lows have been in the low 70’s with the upper 60’s a little inland. We are still hitting almost 90 during the days but with the lower humidity it feels great.

View from Crab Island Cantina

It is obvious this week the tourist season is starting to wind down. Most families are now back home starting to get geared up for the back to school time. I have been able to get home pretty easily this week which is nice. The parade and fireworks still draw big crowds but it’s getting better. This is getting to be the best time of the year in Destin where the locals can have our town back! LOL

This week Sunshine Cindy and I only got out one night as she has been helping Tiffany get ready to move. We went to Hooters on Wednesday. It’s close to the house and they have a big open air deck that is nice. We had a nice relaxing time as they were not too crowded. We had wings, beer and sliders…a good way to enjoy the night.

Harbor Gifts

This seems to be the summer of sharks around the Emerald Coast. I saw a cell phone video that was shot at Crab Island earlier this week showing a Hammerhead Shark swimming around in the shallow water. It’s not the first time we have had sharks swimming around Crab Island but it always gets a lot of attention when they do show up. The same day that video was shot another Hammerhead Shark was spotted in the gulf in Navarre. This shark was in the shallows next to shore. The lifeguards were able to get everyone out of the water. Most of the time the Hammerheads will not bother people as long as they don’t have something on that flashes in the sun. Of course I would rather just watch them from shore!

We don’t have a lot of plans for the weekend. Could it be we relax this weekend? I doubt it but then when we get out and about that is relaxing! You can find all the weekend activities going on here: 

Get out and enjoy all the Emerald Coast has to offer. See ya Monday!

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