Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tourist Season in Destin

Here they come….the tourist are back. With Memorial Weekend behind us, the start of our tourist season in Destin is now hitting full speed. The weekend was crazy in town. Crab Island was packed. I heard from several people that there are more rental pontoon boats than ever. That means very inexperienced people driving those boats. It is a recipe for disaster. I remember a few years ago I was heading back to Niceville and just got out of the no wake zone by Crab Island. I was with three other boats when a rental pontoon cut right in front of all of us. Luckily we were all alert and got slowed down but it could have been bad. Especially since there was small kids in the rental boat. Look out for boats with numbers on them!

Jet Man in Destin

We have finally started to slow down a little this week. After spending Monday at Sunshine Cindy’s parents house we have not been out since. This is giving us time to clean up around the house and wind down from all the excitement from the last few weeks. I have been able to get some Crab Island Mambo writing done too. It felt good to relax.

Crab Island

The Destin Commons area has been in the news lately. First Peter Boz asked the city council to consider turning the area around the Commons north to the bay into a special district where open containers would be legal. He wanted this to be all the way to the new Lulu’s that is going up next to Legendary Marina. Then just as fast he withdrew his request. I am sure this is some kind of ploy on his part to soften up the criticism he would be sure to get. I would like to see it happen but there are so many people in this town who automatically reject anything Boz suggests no matter what it is. The NIMBY’s in this town don’t realize we are not a small fishing village anymore. The world has discovered Destin for better or worse. The genie won’t be going back into the bottle.

The other Commons news was a proposal for a small amusement area just off the Commons grounds. It is to be called, “Crabby Island Amusement Park” and will feature 13 rides. They plan to have carnival food but no alcohol. Of course someone who lives in the area is opposed to this plan. But it sounds like it is zoned properly so I am sure it will happen.

Good times at the Groovy Grouper at Destin Commons

It is only a few weeks till the World of Beer and The Blend open at the Commons in the new expansion that is being built. That entire area is now taking on a life of its own.

No big plans for this weekend. I am sure we will be down on the harbor at some point. Get out and “Embrace the Chaos!” this weekend. See ya Monday!

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