Monday, August 26, 2013

Welcome Home Hoov...

This was a great weekend as we got to welcome home Hoov from Afghanstan. Hoov has been over there for 4 years helping protect our troops while trying to stay safe himself. I am glad to announce he is now home, hopefully for good. We got together on Saturday evening at the Tipsy Turtle. As I was driving over to the Turtle I saw Russ on his bike. As I was going by I hollered that Hoov was back and I was going to see him. I then just said, “Turtle” and hoped he heard me. He did and showed up a while later. Wayne, Julie, Cajun Mike, Terry, Kenny and Loujean all showed up at some point. Sunshine Cindy had her snacks and Matt took care of everyone.

Hoov with Wayne and Russ

Matt and Mindy were playing music. Sunshine Cindy and Laura, a friend of Mindy’s hit it off. Laura is going through some medical issues similar to what Sunshine Cindy went through many years ago. She was able to encourage Laura. We also watched a guy with a light up wet suit “water walk.” It is hard to describe but there are nozzle’s on their feet that shot out water propelling the person up into the air. We have seen it numerous time but this was the first time with a wet suit that lights up making a great visual in the dark. All in all we had a fun time welcoming Hoov back to the beach!

The Jet Man during the day

Sunshine Cindy and I started the weekend off on Thursday by stopping at Millers Ale House. Alex was behind the bar and a decent crowd was around the outside patio bar. I saw Henri working. I knew he worked there but we have never ran into him. It was great seeing him and hearing that morning he got a promotion. Soon he will be traveling helping to open new restaurants for Millers. Good for Henri. A while later the manager Jared saw us and came over to welcome us and chat for a while. We told him he would see more of us now that the tourist were gone and the locals can get back into our favorite places! It was nice hanging out there and catching up with the staff.

Football kickoff party at Sago Sports Bar

Friday we held our “Football Kickoff Party at Sago Sports Bar.” We had a great time. Tommy and the staff at Sago took great care of us. We filled up the Super Bowl pool with Sunshine Cindy getting Denver and I got the NY Giants. Sunshine Cindy has Payton and I have Eli. I hope a Manning wins the big one this year! LOL We had a good crowd show up and everyone had a blast. This will be a great football season at Sago Sports Bar.

On Sunday Sunshine Cindy and I stayed home. With all the activities we have coming up next weekend we decided to relax a little. We were able to get a lot done around the house.

The soon to open Island Wing Co.

I was able to get out and ride my bike on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Saturday I rode over to Scenic 98 and rode along the beach for a while. Sunday I rode by the new Island Wing Bar & Grill. It looks like it should be ready to open sometime in September. They are supposed to have tons of craft beers. I will have to check it out.

There is a lot happening this upcoming weekend. Thursday we have the Southern Drawl Band playing at Crab Island Cantina. I will have a full wrap on Thursday before the show and highlighting all the other upcoming events. Have a great week. See ya Thursday!

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