Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's Sago Sports Bar Week in Destin!

This was a week where we spent a lot of time at Sago Sports Bar at The Palms. On Monday Sunshine Cindy and I met Julie, Matt, Ace, Chris and Kalab there to watch the hockey game. Rhett was there when we walked in. He loved our Crab Island Mambo tee shirts and ordered three from us. That was cool. Tommy had us all set up in front of the 100 inch TV’s. Izzy waited on us and took good care of us while we watched the game.

What a great game it was. Chicago came back to score two goals in 17 seconds with only about a minute left to win the game and the Stanley Cup. We went from planning where we would watch game 7 on Wednesday to thinking it was going to overtime to celebrating the Blackhawks win. It was a fun time with good friends.

The outside view of the pool area at Sago

Tuesday we stayed in. I was able to get more Mambo computer work done. Wednesday we were back at Sago delivering the tee shirts Rhett ordered. He lives in the condo. We got there and sat at the bar. Stephanie was working the bar. Rhett came down and picked up his shirts. Wednesday’s is ladies night at Sago. They had a live band playing outside and a DJ setting up inside for late night dancing. A decent crowd was coming in. Ladies drink free from 7 pm so that is a good draw. Tommy came and sat next to us. He was in rare form cutting up with everyone.

Sunshine Cindy and Ace

Tommy pointed out the Auburn football helmet they have on the wall. It was just autographed by Bo Jackson. It turns out Tommy and Bo are old friends. Bo has been going out on Tommy’s dads charter fishing boat since he was in college and he and Tommy became good friends. Bo was in town last week. Tommy had pictures of all them having dinner at Boschamps Oyster House and then back at Sago. Tommy says Bo is just a down to earth great guy who happens to have been voted the best athlete ever!

Crab Island Mambo is working on bringing in some Trop Rockers over the next few months. We have The Teddy Bear of Trop Rock, John Friday playing at Crab Island Cantina on July 20th from 3-7 pm. Put this date on your calendar as John always does a great show. We are working on a few other things too. I will announce them as they get firmed up.

John Friday

I have seen some pictures from the new Monkey Hut bar that opened on the harbor. It looks like it is going to be a fun place. Other than that place opening, everyplace else is going full blast as the town is packed to the gills with tourist. This weekend will see a big group come into town for the 4th of July holiday. Time to get some patience!!!

Have a great weekend. See ya Monday!!!

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