Thursday, October 25, 2012

Prelude to a road trip

This week has been mostly preparation for our upcoming trip to south Florida and Key West. We leave tomorrow morning for three days in Port Charlotte. Then it is off to Key West for a week for the Parrothead gathering, Meeting of the Minds. Needless to say we are excited and looking to meet up with our Parrothead family. Sunshine Cindy spent Monday getting some supplies for us to bring down. She also has been working on her packing. Why does it take women weeks to pack? I can be done in about 20 minutes. LOL

Hard to find No Name Pub

I spent Monday working on bookkeeping while watching some baseball and Monday night football after I took a bike ride. Still trying to keep the workouts going. We have all the merchandise we are bringing in crates and ready to be loaded. It’s all coming together.

Tuesday I went out for a while. Sunshine Cindy wanted to stay in and do some more packing. I stopped in at the Rotten Apple. Rose was working and they had my Yuengling Light beer. Yeah! We will get together with Rose when we get back to get them up and running on the web site. They are excited about it and so are we. I saw Cliff from Aloha there and the commandant from the Legion post was also having a beer there.

Driving BadAss in the Keys

I left there and stopped in at Landshark Pizza. Stephanie and Bear were working. Kirby and James were there having a beer. We talked for a while. I ordered some wings and they were great as usual. It was slow there as was the Apple. I guess it is a down time in town right now. But that makes it nice for the locals who want to get out and not have to fight all the tourist.

Caroline St. from the Buffett song

Wednesday was packing day for me. I stopped at Landshark on the way home from work to pick up a pizza. They do a great job with their pizza’s. After Sunshine Cindy and I ate, it took me about 30 minutes to get packed. I am traveling pretty light this year. Then it was on the computer to catch up on some stuff and watch the world series game. Tonight (Thursday) we are meeting Barry at the Tipsy Turtle. We want to get into our vacation mode quickly. Friday morning we will be off and running.

I plan to try and keep my Monday / Thursday blog schedule but it might not be right on time. We are bringing a laptop but I am not a geek so no telling how this will turn out if at all. LOL For those going to Key West, we will see you at the end of the road. All you other folks can enjoy it through our eyes! See ya Monday!

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