Sunday, October 28, 2012

On the Road to Key West

Thursday night was a kickoff for our vacation. We went to the Turtle to relax a little
before we hit the road bright and early Friday morning. Matt was working and Barry also stopped in. He is totally enjoying his time in Destin. Tony was there too. We didn't stay too long.

Friday was a travel day. We hit the road about 6 am on the way to Port Charlotte. It was a easy trip. We made it in about 7 1/2 hours. Not bad. We got checked into our hotel. It is an Old Florida type of place right on Charlotte Harbor. After check in we went to the Nav-a-Gator. Mike Broward was playing. We saw a lot of friends including Fred and Sara. It was a lot of fun.

Saturday we got up and had a Bloody Mary at a Tiki Bar. Wayne, David, Carolyn and Jerry were all there. In the afternoon we went to hear Jim Morris and the BBB. It was an outdoor show. The weather was great and everyone had a blast.

Saturday night we all met at Sidebar in Punta Gorda. We ate and listened to Gerri and
Kerri. A good duo. We left and went to another bar that had a band and halloween contest. It was crazy in there but fun.

Sunday is going to be a more laid back kind of day. We will probably head to the Nav-a-Gator to hear a new band called Southern Drawl. The weather is perfect in this part of Florida. I know the east coast is getting hit with a hurricane but the sunshine state is living up to its name.

No pictures till we get back. This blog is early but tomorrow we will be on the road to Key West. See ya'll Thursday from the end of the road!

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