Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pre 4th of July week

Tropical Storm Debby came and went with barely a whimper here in Destin. Other parts of the state farther east got some flooding but Destin only had some rain on Sunday and some wind for a few days and that was it. The “Worry” Channel was making it sound like the entire state of Florida was underwater and getting ready to float away! I had family worried because of what they saw on the TV. I guess if the media doesn't sensationalize things they won’t get anyone to watch. Okay, back to our regularly scheduled program. lol 

The Pointe and the harbor

As I got ready to head home from work on Monday I got word the traffic was backed up on the island. I turned on the radio to hear about a wreak on the Brooks Bridge. I did not want to sit in traffic. I also knew Wayne was heading home about this time. I called him and he had just left his office. We decided to head to Friday’s in Ft. Walton and have a few brews to let the traffic die down. It was a good call. It took a friend almost an hour to get across the island. It normally takes about 5 minutes.

Tuesday was spent at home but on Wednesday Sunshine Cindy and I decided to head to the harbor. I am taking a few days off so it was the start of my weekend. We went to the Turtle. Matt was there behind the bar. Tourist were coming and going. We talked to some businessmen from Michigan who are in town. Matt got his picture taken with some lady who was going to tell her friends back home this is the Tiki Bar she plans to buy some day! We also learned that Matt was a fireman in Chicago for 13 years based in the worse part of town. What you learn about some folks. We left the Tipsy Turtle and decided to go the Palms almost across the street from our sub-division. A band was playing and it was ladies night so Sunshine Cindy got to drink for free. While there we ran into the real Turtle. He was out and about for the evening. It was nice chatting with him for a while. We also talked to Brian from St. Louis for a while. It's his first time in Destin and he loves it here. But why wouldn't he!

Sun and clouds over the Destin bridge and Crab Island

Busy weekend on tap. The town will fill up even more for the 4th of July holiday. Get out and enjoy it. A full report will be posted Monday! See ya then….

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