Monday, June 25, 2012

Debby does Destin

Here Comes Debby

We have our first tropical storm of the year in the gulf. Debby is just kind of spinning in the gulf. We are not sure where it is going. It will be a big rain maker and the Worry…I mean Weather Channel has something to do the next few days. We have already seen the master of doom, Jim Cantore show up in Pensacola. Time to run screaming from the coast.

But before this hits we were out and about the last few days. Thursday evening we joined thousands of tourist on the harbor to watch the fireworks show they do every Thursday. The people down to watch this show is amazing. Traffic was terrible. We watched it from the Turtle. Met a tourist from Cleveland, Larry, who is in town for a week. Fun guy who lives in the same neighborhood my Dad grew up in. Small world. We also talked to a couple from Atlanta who are staying on their boat. Cool.

Harbor fun!

Friday was going to be a laid back day. We went down to the harbor about 4:00. Headed to Crab Island Cantina for a drink and to talk with Dominic. We met a guy who is helping with a new venture where they rent out time on a jet pack kind of device on the water. It shoots you straight up 30 or 40 feet. Looks like fun. We might work out a deal for a ride in exchange for some advertising on our web site. We left the Cantina and went to Crazy Lobster. I wanted a Abita beer. We talked to the manager who we have not seen in a while. From there we went to Tipsy Turtle where we met Julie, Suzanne and dozens of new friends. Matt was in rare form behind the bar. It was a fun time there with Matt and Mindy playing.

Sunshine Cindy on the beach

Saturday was our beach cleanup. A good crowd came out to clean up and party the rest of the day. We had brief rain shower in the first hour there then it cleared up nicely. A new friend from Louisiana, Steve came out. He was joined by his wife Tami one of his son’s. Steve found out about us from my web site. I have a new reader! About 3:00 the skies darkened again. We decided to pack it in before we got soaked again.  Just as the last of us finished loading up it started to pour again. Wayne, Judie, Kelly, Steve and Sunshine Cindy and myself decided to go to KC’s Sandbar for some food. There was a Latin Festival going on at the Landing. With the rain, people were everywhere. It took us about 20 minutes to find a place to park. We had a nice time sitting upstairs with Bridget taking care of us.

Wayne and Steve on the beach

Sunday was a wash out thanks to Debby. Sunshine Cindy I did some chores around the house. I called my brother Ken and wished him a happy 93rd birthday. I am older but look really young for my age! LOL  Monday night was spent at Friday's in Ft. Walton Beach due to a wreck on the Brooks Bridge. Traffic was backed up so I called Wayne and caught him on the way home and had him divert before he was stuck. It was good having some time to catch up with him.

Debby is missing Destin for the most part. Sun out today and only wind to put up with. Enjoy your week. See ya Thursday....

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