Monday, February 27, 2017

Here comes Spring

It was a great week in Destin. The weather was nice, the birds are singing, fish are biting, and everyone is getting ready for the Spring Break crowds. This week kicks it off. It was noticed by a lot of us how many people had sun burns after this weekend.

Some of that could have been caused by the Mardi Gras parade in Harborwalk Village. Thousands of people lined the harbor to cheer on the marchers and to scream for beads. The Parrot Heads marched in the parade and we had a blast. Most of us met early at Harry T’s for a few warm up drinks. Red was working the bar and Dan made sure we were well taken care of. With this being a short parade we had plenty of time for fun before and after.

When we finished I walked over to The Crust Pizzeria to see if Charley was there. He was and we had a chance to catch up. Charley is selling his small place in Mary Ester but still has this Destin location and his newest place in Ft. Walton Beach. The hole in the building that was caused by a truck going through the wall is now a new window. You would never know there was a problem. As he started to fill up after the parade I walked down to Brotula’s where the Parrot Heads were gathering to listen to Flash Flood Duo.

We must have had about 20 of us there enjoying their music. I stayed for a while then walked down to the Cantina. Alan and Jackie were there. We talked to Carlos and got the scoop on Southern Drawl Band’s upcoming show this Thursday. No one was sure of the time so Carlos called Mike Nash and got it pinned down to 5-9 pm. It is going to be a fun show. I walked over to Harry T’s with Alan and Jackie then I headed home. Sunshine Cindy had stayed home to get some things done at home and we relaxed the rest of the day.

Thursday evening Sunshine Cindy and I headed to AJ’s Oyster Shanty on the island. BT was playing and he was surprised to see us. We stayed for his entire show. Folks were walking over from the condo’s and people were staying to listen and party with BT. A wedding party from Minnesota was there and of course Sunshine Cindy had to talk to them. LOL  It was a fun time that we finished at the Waffle House for some late night food.

On Sunday we took Chaos to the harbor to listen to BT again at Crab Island Cantina. As we walked up BT hollered on the mic…”Chaos is here! Come here Chaos!” No greeting for us but our pooch got a great welcome! LOL  Alan and Jackie came and later Julie also showed up. We talked with several of the tourist there and of course Chaos was a center of attention. When we left we stopped at Landshark to get a pizza to bring home. Chaos was worn out and sleep most of the rest of the night.

The only news from around town is there is finally a sign on the empty lot on Hwy 98 in Ft. Walton Beach where PMI used to be is going to be a Holiday Inn Express. It took about a year to tear down the buildings so no telling how long it will take to build the hotel.

Be sure to come out to the Cantina this Thursday for Southern Drawl Band. You will love these guys! See ya next Monday.

Destin Steve

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