Monday, September 26, 2016

It’s still hot in Destin

Even though the calendar says it is now Fall, the temps are not reflecting that. We had another week of near record highs as we were in the mid 90’s all week. We should start to cool down to more normal temps this week if you can believe the weatherman.

Sunshine Cindy and I actually took it kind of easy this week. Friday was my regular Friday off. I got some errands run and even made stop at Barbary Coast for a haircut. Tim the barber started Barbary Coast over 20 years ago. I have been going there for several years. It’s a place for guys. I have never seen a lady in there except for the ladies who work there. About a year and half ago Tim had a stroke. He was bouncing back from that when he got another one. Tim is not doing well from that stroke. I found out one of the ladies, Kelly is buying the business and will keep running it as it is now. I hope Tim will get well enough to stop back in from time to time. And good luck to Kelly.

When I got back home Chaos and I washed and cleaned BadAss3. Actually I did most of the work while Chaos sniffed around the yard. But she was right there if I needed her! lol

The Parrot Heads had a meeting Friday night at KC’s Sandbar in Fort Walton Beach. Sunshine Cindy didn’t get home from work till almost 6 so we ended up missing the party. Oh well, next time.

Saturday morning Sunshine Cindy and I loaded Chaos into BadAss3 and we went to make a few stops. We hit Home Depot, Pet Smart and Destin Ice Seafood. Chaos loves riding in the car especially with the top down. But it was hot out and she was glad to get back home and into the air conditioning.

Later in the afternoon I headed to Crab Island Cantina and Charley’s BBB bar to watch some football. Johanna was working the bar. She got called in as they were shorthanded and had to bring her daughter with her. All I can say is kids can sleep anywhere! Charley’s has Edamame and it is so good. I had it with a few brews while watching some games. Carlos came by and we chatted for a few minutes. I have not seen Carlos in a few months so it was good catching up. I headed home and watched some hockey in the evening as Canada beat Russia in the World Cup semifinal game.

Sunday Funday had me going to Landshark Pizza to watch the Browns. Brian had sent me a message saying a couple guys from Cleveland down on vacation were coming in to watch the game. Jerry and Jack were great guys. Typical Cleveland guys. They love the Browns and love to party. It was fun hanging out with them. They stayed till the middle of the third quarter before they had to go back to their condo. The wives were wanting them back!

The Browns almost won. If our kicker had made a field goal we would have but it was not meant to be. As the game was ending B came and joined me. He told me Steve is in the hospital and not doing well. He had some surgery and did not wake up properly. They don’t know if he had a stroke or what but B said he can’t recognize people and does not remember even talking to folks right after having a conversation. That is so sad. He is a great guy who is well known in Destin. I pray for his wife to have strength at this time.

Things continue to happen on the Island. Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone is planning an expansion. The addition proposes a wide range of family amusements, including electric Go-Karts and bumper boats.

The other big news from the Island is the owner of the Ramada is planning to tear down the Ramada and replace it with a Hard Rock Resort. Immediately people were crying about this proposed development. I doubt many of them read or heard the plans instead jumping to conclusions that this was going to be built on vacate land adding to the traffic problem and removing more beach from public use. I would like to see a slowing of the development around here too but this is just a wash as we replace one resort for a newer one.

It is going to be a busy crazy week in Destin. The Seafood Festival is this weekend with our friends The Southern Drawl Band performing on Friday night on the main city stage. The fishing rodeo kicks off this weekend too. Fall is in full swing in Destin.

Have a great week. I will have a full report next Monday.

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