Monday, June 27, 2016


I know it’s Summer in Destin and it is going to be hot but the last few days we kicked it up a few notches. We had temps in the low 90’s with high humidity making it feel like the mid to upper 100’s. I love it hot but you have to be careful you don’t get heat stroke in this weather. The last week we didn’t have any clouds either but now we are getting into a more normal pattern of 30-40% chance of afternoon thunderstorms. Yep, it’s Summertime!

Activity wise this was a pretty slow week for us. I did take Friday off and after running some errands I headed to the harbor for a while. First stop was Landshark Pizza for a brew. Jason was behind the bar. He is going to bartend now as well as serve. I left there and walked down to The Crust Pizzeria. I wanted their baked ziti with sausage for lunch. It is so good and it did not disappoint this time either.

After lunch I walked the harbor ending up at The Boathouse. David, Dougie and a few others were there. I soaked up some sun while enjoying a laid back afternoon. I made one more stop after I left The Boathouse and that was at The Red Door Saloon. There was a great breeze blowing through The Red Door. They had music from a juke box playing. First was a rap song with MF this and MF that. Then came a Meryl Haggard song followed by Harper Valley PTA and then back to a rap song with more MF’s. Interesting song selections to say the least! 

When I got home I talked to Sunshine Cindy and told her I would have the cooler filled and for her to join me at the pool when she got off from work. I got to the pool about 4:30, Sunshine Cindy got there about 5:30 and we stayed till almost 9:30. It was nice and relaxing even if the pool water was warmer than bath water. We had our Trop Rock tunes playing and enjoyed a beautiful Destin evening.

Saturday morning we were lazy so I said I would go and get us some breakfast sandwiches from McDonalds. That was a mistake. The McDonalds in Destin had cars stopped all the way around the building. People were parking in the lot adjacent to McDonalds and walking in. It was a zoo. I decided to head down to Whataburger to see if I could get in there. I passed the Donut Hole. They must have had 100 people lined up outside waiting to get in. The Breakfast Place parking lot was also packed. I guess everyone wanted some breakfast!

At Whataburger I found a parking spot and went in. No one was in line at the register. Wow, I thought I would be out quickly. But there were about 7 or 8 people waiting for food. About 15 minutes later I had our couple sandwiches and I headed back home. Note to self: Don’t get out on Saturday mornings for food till September.

In the afternoon Sunshine Cindy, Tiffany, Chaos and I headed to the Destin Brewery. They were doing a beer tasting and they had the Big Red Truck selling food. It was like a tailgate party. They had some tables set up under trees on some grass that helped keep the heat down on a brutally hot afternoon. We tried three different styles of beer and they were all really good. The food from the BRT was also good. We sat with a couple from Niceville and enjoyed their company. Jeff and his wife loved Chaos and we all sat for a couple hours shooting the breeze. It was a nice time and we will be back. Get you some Destin Brewery beer as many of the local watering holes are now carrying it.

The rest of Saturday was spent relaxing at home. I watched some sports and we called it a night fairly early. Sunday Sunshine Cindy stayed in and worked around the house. She cleaned out her closet which was a major project. LOL  I did some computer work then cleaned up Badass. In the afternoon I wanted to get out but Sunshine Cindy wanted to keep working around the house. So I got a kitchen pass and I headed off the Landshark for a little while to get out of her way. Paige was working the bar. It was not too busy. Pops came in then Brian stopped in for a few minutes. It was nice catching up with everyone.

When I got home Sunshine Cindy and I sat on the porch. It looked like we might get a big storm as it got dark and the wind started to blow but the dome held and Destin stayed dry.

This weekend the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic fishing tournament was held in Sandestin. There were two Blue Marlin weighed in that were over 800 pounds and one about 650 pounds. Those are some trophy fish being caught in the Gulf of Mexico. Wow!

With the Fourth of July weekend coming up, the busiest week of the year in Destin will here. All rooms will be gone and you need to plan your trips carefully to try and avoid the worse of the traffic. And for the love of God don’t try to go to McDonald’s or any of the breakfast places on Saturday morning! 

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend everyone. See ya next Monday as we celebrate!!!

Destin Steve

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