Monday, March 28, 2016

Rain, rain and more rain for Destin…

This past week it rained in Destin. It rained Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Finally on Sunday about 5 pm it stopped and the sun came out. Just in time to end the weekend. Ugh!

Thursday when I got home from work our neighbors were out in the rain looking for their dog. Hoss was missing so I changed and grabbed an umbrella and started going through the hood. After I got back home I found out they found Hoss hiding under the bed. I guess the storm was scaring him. Oh well, I didn’t get struck by lightning so it was all good.

Friday the Parrot Heads had a meeting at KC’s Sandbar in Ft. Walton Beach. It rained all day but finally stopped before the meeting as KC’s is an outdoor spot. Sunshine Cindy and I were running late so we decided to stay in Destin and make a stop at Landshark Pizza for some dinner. The bar was packed so we got a table. The University of Wisconsin was playing in the NCAA basketball tournament and the game was getting ready to start. The place was packed with Wisconsin fans watching the game.

Our friends Steve and Ida came in and sat at the pizza bar. Sunshine Cindy and I watched a family come in (with Wisconsin shirts on) looking for a table so they could watch the game. About this time a couple of seats at the bar opened up. We offered the father of the family our table while at the same time Steve offered the mom their seats at the pizza bar. They ended up at our table and Steve, Ida, Sunshine Cindy and I sat at the bar so it worked out for everyone. The family was nice and they even bought us a beer for giving up the table.

Next to us at the bar was a young couple. They had a daughter who was about 4 or 5. The mom was taking her to play some of the video games they have then they played the one at the bar. The little girl was having a blast. It turns out this guy is one of the members of the Leinenkugle Beer family. He is like the great grandson of the founder and an active member of the company. He knew Landshark sold a lot of Leinenkugel beer and he wanted to see for himself as they were in town on vacation. Brian got to talk to him and hopefully will be able to get more of their brews.

The night at Landshark took a tragic turn when about 9:15 pm a guy was hit and killed trying to cross Hwy 98. All of a sudden we could see the traffic stopped and cop cars pulling up with people running to help. It was a sad scene as folks from Landsharks who went outside to see what was going on could see the body lying in the street. Everyone knew it was not good. It was a 62 year old guy who was wearing dark clothing. The driver of the car was not impaired I am glad to say but that person will never be the same. Something needs to be done as this will keep happening until they get a traffic light or even better a pedestrian bridge or two.

Saturday Sunshine Cindy and I headed to Hogs Breath to listen to Rob Roman perform. It was Rob’s first time playing at Hogs and he was excited. We sat at the end of the bar. Rikkie was working the bar and Cam was at the inside bar. Alan and Jackie joined us and then Mark and Stephanie did too. The weather turned nasty as the rain was blowing in off the gulf. But they had the plastic down so we stayed dry. The bar filled up and everyone enjoyed Rob’s show. He hopes to get invited back. I am sure he will be!

On Easter Sunday it was…wait for it…raining. Sunshine Cindy and I got out in it and had decided to stop at McGuires for brunch. Our timing was bad as it was about 12:30 pm and the church’s had recently let out. You could not get into the parking lot there were so many cars pulling in. Time for plan B.

We went by The Pankakery but it was packed. Ditto for Another Broken Egg Café and the Destin Diner. We had talked about Olive Garden so we headed there. It was busy but we were able to get in and not have to wait. The Destin Commons is across the street from Olive Garden. We had thought about going to one of the places there but I am glad we didn’t. The parking lot was packed so I am sure all of the places were crowded too. We enjoyed our meal then headed home to dry out!

When in Destin you need to watch Beach TV. It is channel 23 on Cox. I am not sure what it is on Dish or Direct. The commercial for Crab Island Cantina is now playing. Sunshine Cindy, Alan, Jackie, Larry and I are all in it. We are stars! It actually is a cool commercial for the Crab Island Cantina complex which includes Carlito’s Deli and Charley’s BBB Bar. Check it out.

Around Destin the Caribbean Café (the old Malibu Jack’s) has not reopened. I am not sure what happened but the big awning is down and the entire patio has been tore up where it is only dirt now. I don’t know what is going on there. I will have to see James and ask him.

One last note about the Destin housing market. I have been hearing it is picking up but it is now red hot. Places are getting multiple offers the first day they go on the market. I have heard this from several folks. I don’t know what has changed but it seems like everyone wants to live in Destin!

This will be the last big week of Spring Break. It has been pretty calm due to the crackdown on underage drinking. The word is out for sure. A lot of kids are coming to Destin on vacation and going home on probation.

Have a great week. Check back next week for a full wrap up of the week’s news, updates and fun times.

Destin Steve

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