Monday, February 29, 2016

Good times in Destin

It was another great week in Destin. Sunshine Cindy and I were on the go almost the entire week. Sunshine Cindy’s cousin Kari and childhood friend Kelly were flying into Destin/Fort Walton Beach airport from Minnesota on Thursday to spend a few days with us. Sunshine Cindy went out and loaded up on beer, food and snacks even getting some fresh shrimp. No one was going hungry or thirsty for their visit.

Their flight was coming in about 8 pm. Sunshine Cindy and I got to the airport about 7. We wanted to hang out at the Helen Back bar and have a beer and something to eat. The bar is a nice cozy place right where the folks who are coming off the planes pass by. Jessica was working the bar. There were several other folks there waiting for friends or family. One lady was waiting for her husband. They had transferred to our area and Thursday was his last day at work. She was not sure what shape he would be in when he got off the plane as he told her he started drinking Jim Beam at 7 am.

He was fine when he got to the bar. They had a bought a house in Bluewater and were talking to us about Crab Island and how they want to buy a boat. They were excited to be in the Destin area.

When Kari and Kelly landed we hung around the bar so they could have a couple drinks then we went home where they all stayed up very late catching up. This was the start of a fun few days.

Friday we all went to Landshark Pizza in the afternoon for some late lunch. They got to meet some of our friends. From there they walked down the harbor to Crab Island Cantina. We saw Alan and Jackie there. Then BT showed up. He was playing music at the Cantina on Saturday and wanted to check out the stage and set up. We all went to Margaritaville from there for a Parrot Head meeting. Believe it or not, this was our first time meeting at Margaritaville.

We packed the lower level of the club. The Calypso Nuts played music and a good time was had by all. In the “it’s a small world” category…A Parrot Head couple introduced themselves to Sunshine Cindy and I. We got to talking about Put in Bay and Phlocking of the Phaithful. It turns out they have family in Strongsville, the same town outside of Cleveland I grew up in. That’s pretty cool.

Saturday was the ECPHC Chili Cook-Off in Harborwalk Village. I love tasting chili and I always look forward to this event. There were 21 booths set up with mostly restaurants but a couple of individuals in the cook-off. I tried the chili from all the booths except one. No reason why I missed the one except it was busy there and I was moving on. There were some really good chili I had. There was also some not so great ones. One was so bad I had to spit it out. It smelled bad at the booth and the chili tasted as bad as the smell was.

My favorite was hard to choose. I ultimately picked Landshark Pizza’s ghost pepper chili as my favorite. But several others were right there too. A lot of it comes down to individual taste preference. The winning chili’s were all one’s I liked too.

During the afternoon BT was playing at Crab Island Cantina. A big crowd was there to listen and party with BT. He is a great entertainer and is working to make a name for himself in Destin. After his show BT learned Carlos has hired him to play each Sunday at the Cantina from 1-5 pm starting March 13th and running through September. Good for BT.

A group of us went upstairs to Harry T’s after BT’s show. Harry T’s won second place in the contest and Dan was showing off the trophy. Kari and Kelly were enjoying themselves. They did some shopping in the village and enjoyed some of the good drinks that can be had. When we left Harry T’s we headed home for the evening. The girls spent some more time talking about old times growing up back in Minnesota.

Sunday we had to get them back to the airport. It was a quick trip for them that seemed to go by way to fast. After we got back home from the airport Sunshine Cindy and I stopped at Fudpuckers for some dinner. The place was almost empty except for a few families eating and about 7 or 8 LOUD spring breakers who were at the bar. Oh boy, it is starting already. Ugh…

Since I mentioned Put in Bay, Ohio and Phlocking of the Phaithful, I want to remind everyone that registration is open to attend our 4 day Trop Rock party. It is only $75 per person to register. You get great music, a goody bag with an awesome tee shirt and some special surprises. Anyone who enjoys a good time and wants to “Embrace the Chaos” with us can attend. Here is all the information so you can get registered.

It looks like the weather in Destin is going to be awesome this week. We have a lot of pollen coating everything but that just means it’s Spring Time! Enjoy your week. See ya next Monday!

Destin Steve

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