Monday, November 23, 2015

Getting a new member of the family…

Sunshine Cindy and I are adding to our household. We are getting a puppy. It has been about a year and a half since we had to put down our old pooch and we feel the time is right to now take on a new fur baby. Last Friday we went to Alaqua in Freeport. This is an animal rescue facility and a first class operation. Alaqua is run by mostly volunteers. They take in unwanted, neglected or stray animals. They bring them back to good health and then adopt them out to worthy folks. For us to get a puppy they did a background check on us and even contacted the prior vets we used. If you are ever in the giving mode, please consider donating to Alaqua to help them continue to provide this much needed service.

Thursday evening Sunshine Cindy and I went to O’Quigley’s for some dinner and to watch some hockey. While there we started discussing names for our new puppy. It became comical when I suggested we use a friends last name (Asbell) for the name of the dog. I was not serious and Sunshine Cindy would not do it anyway but I got a good Facebook discussion going about it including the namesake piping in agreement on the name. We will officially unveil the name next week after we pick up our pup.

Brian at the new Landshark Pizza

Friday before we went to Alaqua we stopped in at Hurricane Wings for some lunch. They have good food and Niceville prices. That’s a good combination. After we left Alaqua we stopped to start to buy puppy stuff like a bed and toys. Then we went to check out the new Landshark Pizza on the harbor. They were having a soft opening in a couple of hours but we got a pre-tour from Sue. We said we would be back.

We went down to the Boathouse. We talked to John the manager and found out there is not any remodeling going on at the Boathouse but they are working on the old Dockside next door. It will be opening soon as The Boathouse Upper Deck. It will be a craft beer/sports bar. He said it will be a little nicer and more comfortable than the Boathouse. He is not sure when it will open though.

The Helen Back crew has opened Duck Duck where the old KJ’s used to be. We didn’t stop in yet but it looks interesting. We will stop there next time.

Wayne joined us and we went back to Landshark Pizza. The place was almost full with others checking it out like us. The staff was trying to figure out where everything was at but they were able to get pizza and wings made and drinks served. Just about everyone who ever went to the old Landshark was there. The place is great with a big horseshoe bar in the middle of one room. The pizza ovens are off to the side. Doors take you into more of a dining room. TV’s are everywhere. Big TV’s hang over the bar. They plan to put in a small game room off the main dining area. They have done a fine job with the place. A grand opening should be announced soon.

Jackie and Alan

We actually made one more stop before we headed home. We went to the Legion. While there Kenny came in. That was a surprise. We saw more friends there too.

Saturday was more laid back. I did go back to Landshark. I wanted to see how they were doing on their second day and a football day at that. The place was pretty crowded. Paige was working the bar and keeping everyone in drinks and food. I had a pizza to take home and it was as good as previous ones. From there Sunshine Cindy and I spent the evening at home where I watched the Lightning finally play a good game as they beat the Ducks. Sunday we stayed home to get to-do’s done around the house. Every so often you need a day like that.

When we were in Key Largo a few weeks ago we bought some Code Rum. We know the guy who owns the company that bottles this rum. It’s Made in American and it’s really good. I talked to my friend Bill at Beach Liquor and asked if he could see about getting it. I am glad to say they did. Head to the Destin Beach Liquor at Airport Road and get your bottles. You will be supporting American Made rum!

The Destin Diner is closed for the season. They will be reopening in February. So far it’s only the Diner and Gilligan’s that has closed for the season.

I saw construction equipment next to the new ABC liquor and next to Eglin Federal Credit Union working on some new projects. I have not heard what’s going in either location yet. Pretty soon their won’t be any open land in Destin.

We just had our first cold snap of the season. It got down into the low 40’s last night in Destin. I am ready for summer to come back!

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday. See ya next Monday!

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