Monday, October 26, 2015

Destin Happenings

Sunshine Cindy and I had a quiet few days in Destin. We did get out a little though. Friday afternoon we headed to The Back Porch restaurant for lunch. Julie joined us as we sat outside overlooking the water. It was a gorgeous day with the aqua blue water contrasting with the blue sky. The food was excellent as usual. We were surprised how crowded the place was for a late afternoon. There are still a lot of tourist in town I guess.

When we left we decided to stop in at the bar at the Palms to see what was going on there before heading home. There was one guy sipping on a beer at the bar but it started to fill up as residents were getting off work. Tommy came in and we talked to him. He told us Daniel and his girlfriend JoJo were back in town. Daniel is the percussionist for the Zac Brown Band and we had met him a few weeks earlier. They did come to the bar and greeted us like long lost friends. Daniel just finished a leg of the ZBB tour and he was now spending a week in Destin. It was great seeing them again.

Shannon came in. We asked her if the Sand Bar on the beach was still open as she manages it. She told us this weekend was the last weekend they would be open. We almost stopped in too.

There was a couple from New Orleans at the bar that we talked with. They own a few units at The Palms and were enjoying a weekend in Destin. They were nice folks.

Speaking of folks from Louisiana…A major brew-ha-ha erupted during the week about some LSU fans not being seated at Harry T’s for the Florida game the previous week. It had something to do with Harry T’s being the home to a Florida alumni association and those people not wanting LSU fans in their area. Anyway, this blew up into a major PR disaster for Harry T’s when someone in management went on Facebook and blasted LSU fans. That was not a smart thing to do. Harry T’s tried to minimize the damage but it was too late. People from Louisiana come to Destin in droves and right now Harry T’s is on their “stay away” list! Textbook case of how not to run a business.

Saturday Sunshine Cindy and I didn’t do too much. She went to get her nails done we did breakfast at the Waffle House but other than that, I spent most of the day doing some computer work and watching sports. Ohio State looked as good as they finally played up to their potential with J.T. at quarterback. The Tampa Bay Lightning had a tough overtime loss to Chicago. We just can’t seem to beat those guys.

Sunday I went to Landshark Pizza to watch the Browns game. I should have saved my time and money…they sucked. But Brian had the smoker going and smoked a bunch of wings. They were fantastic too. Sunshine Cindy stayed home getting ready for our trip to the Keys. We head south next weekend. Can’t wait…

I talked to Sue about when the new Landshark Pizza will open. She said it looks like sometime in the middle of November. They have extended their current lease for one month so they should be good to go with the move. Sue is excited as she is meeting her sisters in New Orleans next weekend for Halloween. They will have a blast for sure.

This is the last week of the fishing rodeo and soon the snowbirds will start to come to town. Our friends Alan and Jackie get here next week. We are looking forward to seeing them when we get back from the Keys!

I will most likely not publish a blog next week but will be back on track the following week with a full update on our trip. See ya then!

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