Monday, August 31, 2015

No hurricane in Destin this week

It’s been ten years since the last hurricane hit Destin. We have more hurricane free days ahead of us too I am glad to say. Tropical Storm Erika fizzled out over Cuba. The last track had it coming right up Main Street in Destin but we all know how those things change. Anyway, RIP Erika…glad we didn’t get to know you!

Sunshine Cindy and I had another good week. Thursday I went to see the best chiropractor in Destin, Dr. Payne. I have been going to see him for years and I always leave feeling great. Thursday night Sunshine Cindy and I sat on our back porch listening to Trop Rock music and having a few beers. Life is good in Destin. 

Friday Sunshine Cindy went to World of Beer with her Mom and Tiffany. While they were enjoying some lunch and beers, I headed out for some errands. Buy some booze at Beach Liquor, check. Get some groceries, check. Stop in at The Crust Pizzeria to see Charlie, uncheck. Charlie was not there but I still had a slice of pizza and a beer. Charlie is busy getting ready to open a new location in Mary Ester by the mall. Charlie has great pizza. I hope he does well.

When I left the Crust I stopped in at Landshark Pizza. I wanted to make sure everything was good to go for our football party on Saturday. Brian and Sue had everything under control. I hung around for a while having a couple PBR’s and then headed home.

Sunshine Cindy got home about the same time I did. We decided to head to our pool for the evening. We could have gone to a parrot head meeting in Niceville but we were comfortable and wanted to relax by the pool. We had a good time swimming and our parrot head friends all had a good time too. They were at Dockside then a bunch of them went to the Boathouse in Val-P. It ended up with about 15 or so people there. You never know where a party might break out around here!

Our Crab Island Mambo football party at Landshark was a blast. Sunshine Cindy and I got there about 12:30 and we didn’t leave till almost 9 pm. Jan and Kenny played music, we had a the football drawing, Brian had brats and butts on the smoker….it was a fun day that was capped by a big group sitting outside with the Browns game on the TV. Oh yeah, the Browns beat up Tampa Bay for the win.

Sunday was one of those days where you have an unexpected good time. I started the day with a morning bike ride. The beach was beautiful. So when I got home, Sunshine Cindy and I decided to head to Tailfins on the harbor for brunch. We were on the third floor with a great breeze. While there Tommy and his Dad, Capt. Browning came in. Capt. Browning has been a boat captain in Destin forever. He is one of the original’s.

Just as they came in, a couple of friends of Tommy also came in. It was Daniel de los Reyes and his lady. Daniel is the drummer for the Zac Brown Band. Tommy was helping them with reservations and such for their vacation. Daniel was a great guy. We all sat around and had a few beers for about an hour as Daniel asked questions about Destin and told stories from the road with the band and Capt. Browning told stories about life in Destin on the water. The hour seemed to go by in about 5 minutes. It was so much fun being a part of that. Like I said, you never know what to expect in Destin.

Daniel and his lady left to go on a helicopter ride. Tommy and Capt. Browning went down to the docks. Sunshine Cindy stayed back for a while. We were glad we did as our friend Larry came in. We chatted with him for a few minutes. Finally it was time to head home to put the weekend to bed!

Around town I noticed construction has started on the building at the corner of Restaurant Row and Hwy. 98. This is supposed to be some kind of extended stay hotel. The condo on the beach on Restaurant Row is starting to come out of the ground. This was one of the last open spaces on the beach. Oh well, progress I guess…

One more big weekend of tourist traffic coming up. Labor Day is the last big hurrah of summer. Then it’s time for football and cooler weather. Have a great week. See ya Monday!

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