Monday, July 27, 2015

Another Great Week in Destin Florida

Okay, every week you are above ground no matter where you are is a great week. But living and playing in Destin is like being on vacation every day. As some of our friends like to say, “Our life is better than your vacation.” LOL  This past weekend is a perfect example of that philosophy.

Saturday had Sunshine Cindy and I heading to the harbor to hang out for a while. I pulled BadAss3 into the parking garage figuring we would not have a problem finding a place to park in the early afternoon during tourist change-over time. I was wrong. The garage was packed. I got out and ended up finding a shady spot to park by Brotula’s. We walked down to the boardwalk and made our way to Johnny O’Quigleys oyster bar to get a cold drink.

For being the middle of the afternoon the boardwalk was busy and the bar was about half full too. We enjoyed our beverages and headed to Crab Island Cantina. We were able to get our usual spot at the bar looking out at the Destin bridge and Crab Island. The Cantina was staying busy with a couple of large (about 20 folks each) parties coming in. Sunshine Cindy and I shared a taco salad that was great. Judy stopped by and gave us a hug. She was just starting her day. While there we had a nice rain shower blow through. It helped cool things down a little.

Our next stop was back down the harbor. We looked in the Boathouse but there was no air moving so we went to Harbor Shack instead. While I was at the bar getting us some drinks I recognized the guy sitting next to me. Turns out it was James. We had not seen him and his wife Vickie in about a year. Vickie was working and James had just got off work. We chatted with James for a long while. While there another big thunderstorm blew through. We stayed dry but it poured for a while.

Off we went again. We decided to stop in at Brutula’s. They have a great bar that overlooks the harbor. I was impressed with the management of Brutula’s. They were making sure everything ran smoothly. They are a new place but gaining a good reputation for great food and service. From there we walked down to The Crust Pizzeria to see if Charley was there. Walking along Hwy 98 was like taking your life in your hands. Vehicles were coming from all directions. The sidewalk is right next to the street so cars are buzzing by only a few feet from you. This whole situation is an accident waiting to happen. Well, Charley was not there so we retraced our steps back to the car.

I got BadAss3 into the traffic and onto a side street. The Rotten Apple was our next stop. The place is a locals spot and was not busy yet. Sunshine Cindy and I enjoyed relaxing and solving some of the world’s problems. Sheri came in after a while. She is part owner of the place. It was nice seeing and talking to her. She also has a water sports rental business and is busy this time of the year but she was able to relax for a few minutes that evening.

Now it was getting late and we were getting hungry again. Off to Landshark Pizza to get a pizza to take home. Austin, Ryan, Sue were all working. The place had been crazy busy but now was just normal busy! We got home and sat on the back porch. Next thing we know our neighbor Rhett walked over. We invited him and his wife Becky to join us. We ended up on the porch till after 11. It was a long day but a fun one. Typical Destin!

Sunday was slower. We went to McGuire’s in the afternoon for some lunch. We timed it just right as most of the church people were done and the early dinner folks were not there yet. You never leave McGuire’s hunger and Sunday was no exception. We saw Melisa (from Fishheads) there. We had a good time. At one point the Unicorn Song played on the house system. Of course we had to act out some of the song but we really needed Russ who does the animals perfectly!

After we ate we called Julie to see if she was home and wanted a couple of guest for an hour or so. She did so we stopped and hung out by her pool. It was a nice way to end the weekend.

It was not all fun and games though. It took me about an hour and a half to get home from work on Friday. A thunderstorm hit about the time I got off. It was raining so hard on the island you could only go about 35 or so. There were power lines down in Destin. It was a mess. We stayed in once I got home. We were supposed to go to KC’s in Ft. Walton but I was not going to fight the traffic to get back over there. Oh well, next time!

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Have a great week. We will be back to “Embrace the Chaos!” next Monday! See ya then!!!

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