Monday, March 30, 2015

Road Trip…

One of the things about living in Destin is we are pretty close to some fun big cities. There are times we get a wild hair and decide to road trip. This weekend was one of those times. Friday afternoon Sunshine Cindy and I talked about Ray Fogg playing in New Orleans at the original Tropical Isle. Well one thing lead to another and we decided to head over to NOLA on Saturday for the day. We would get to listen to Ray and visit with our friends Pam and Earl, the owners of Tropical Isle.

By noon we were pulling into town and got checked into our room at the Provincial Hotel. We had a great time going to as many places as we could in a few hours. The city was very crowded with many Spring Breakers running around. Sunshine Cindy and I had a great time. Ray put on his usual fun adult humor show. We meet some cool people including one guy who lives in the quarter who just got back from Cuba. He showed us a bunch of pictures he took. That was cool. We capped the evening at Pam and Earl’s restaurant “Orleans Grapevine” where we had some dinner and a few last drinks.

We headed home Sunday stopping in Biloxi for a quick stop that turned into a longer stay when the drawbridge in Ocean Springs was stuck in the “up” position. We had to backtrack all the way back through Biloxi. It was a fun weekend but we were tired by the time we got home.

Sunshine Cindy and I stopped at the Rotten Apple this past week. We got to talk to Gigi. She is now running this place. We saw a bunch of other friends there too.

Spring Break is winding down. Destin has been pretty calm this year. All of the real craziness is happening in Panama City Beach. Sometimes you need to be careful what you wish for….Nuff said!

Okay, time for another week. See ya Monday!

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