Thursday, March 28, 2013

Winter is back in Destin

As Jim Morris sings about, “Someone left the door to the North Pole open.” It has been cold this week in Destin. I am talking about low 30’s at night and only into the upper 50’s during the day. The other morning it was warmer in Put-in-Bay, Ohio which is only a few miles from the Canadian border than it was here! Global Warming? Yeah, right. But we will be back into the 70’s by the weekend.

Sunshine Cindy and I did get out Wednesday. We went to KC’s Sandbar & Grill. Our friend Jan plays on Wednesday nights. Dennis is only going to be in town a few more days before he returns to Afghanistan and he wanted to get his new Harley out for a ride. We met Dennis at KC’s. Liberty was working behind the bar before handing off to Tia. A good crowd showed up. With the cold weather, Jan set up inside the plastic of the Sandbar. It was like old times at KC’s with everyone close and personal.

Jan at KC's

We saw a lot of old friends and met some new ones. Matt who used to be a bartender at KC’s stopped in. It was good seeing him. He is now at the old Scully’s. Kenny got out his harmonica and did some songs with Jan. It was a fun night in Fort Walton Beach.

Coyote Ugly is having their grand opening April 5th. Last weekend they were having auditions for servers/dancers. I bet that was a fun time.

Let's get to the beach!

Spring break traffic was heavy this week. It’s the busiest week of the season. One more busy week next week then it should slow down till summer season kicks in.

The new Crab Island Mambo t-shirts and tanks with our 2013 design should be arriving soon. Be ready to “Embrace the Chaos!” with our new design. Everyone will want one. The big unveiling will be soon!

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter! See ya Monday!!!

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