Monday, July 30, 2012

Typical Destin Weekend!

It is funny how even when we don’t have any plans there always seems to be something to do in Destin. Thursday evening Sunshine Cindy and I decided that after we fought the traffic getting home to head over to TGI Fridays for some dinner. It is always comfortable there. Friday night was the only real plans we had for the weekend. There was a Parrothead club meeting at the American Legion. We had a small turnout but a number of us stayed around for the Karaoke. Judie and Kelly were the stars of the evening!

Saturday was one of the typical “let’s go to the harbor and see what happens” kind of evenings. We got parked, stopped at the Tipsy Turtle to get a beer and say hello to Becca and Turtle then headed to Steve’s Hawaiian Ice Booth to see how Steve was doing. He continues to do a great job selling our Crab Island Mambo “Embrace the Chaos” T-Shirts. We chatted for a while and then Sunshine Cindy and I decided to go to Crab Island Cantina. Our usual bar stools were open and Scotty was behind the bar. Sunshine Cindy got a Margarita and we watched as they were getting set up for a busy night. They were having $5 Mojito’s and a DJ. This place makes you feel like you are in south Florida with the Latin flavor. Carlos stopped by to say hello to us and we also talked with some tourist who were in town from the Jersey Shore. No, they were not TV stars but Tom(?) and Jackie were nice down to earth folks.

Sunshine Cindy with Tom(?) and Jackie  who are from the Jersey Shore

Time to move on. As we were leaving Dominic was just coming in. Dominic was our bartender of the month in June. Always good to see him. We stopped at the Crazy Lobster. Jesse was working the outside bar. We were going to sit there but it was hot, humid and crowded so we went inside. That was a good call. It was comfortable at the bar. We could hear the band play and I was able to have a couple of Abita beers. We also had some food. Sunshine Cindy had a shrimp cocktail and I had a half dozen raw oysters. Every once in a while I get a taste for them and Saturday was the day. They were great. We also split a burger. For a seafood place they do wonderful burgers. Harper was behind the bar and he took good care of us as always.

Oysters at Crazy Lobster

The crowd in Harborwalk Village was huge. They had a band playing for “Rock the Docks” that had folks packed in. We went back down the boardwalk towards AJ’s. We saw Scott, a local guy who runs one of the beach umbrella concessions. We chatted with him and his lady friend who’s name escapes me. After talking to them we ran into Steve again. He had gone to the Boathouse for a while to hear Rusty play. In front of AJ’s Ronnie was playing to a big crowd. We enjoy listening to Ronnie. He plays great country music. When the crowds die down a little we will stop by to listen to him. Off to the Turtle. It was really dead at that end of the Boardwalk. Turtle’s musician didn’t show up so there was no one there to draw the people in. While we were sitting there, Joan who worked in the same office Sunshine Cindy did, and her husband Mark walked by. We BS’d with them for a while. They headed to the Boathouse. A few minutes later I glanced down the Boardwalk and saw Loujean kind of crouching down then I noticed Jan trying to sneak up on us. I busted him. LOL  We talked with them for a long while. Turtle decided it was too slow and he was going to close for the night which is okay because we were ready to move on again.

Steve has his surfboard sign up and looking good!

Where to next? We decided to stop at Burrito del Mar to see what was going on there. Bridgette was behind the bar. She is another hard working bartender in this town. This is an open air beer and wine bar. There was no air moving. Tough conditions to work in. We chatted with her and a guy sitting next to us. We finished there and now it was time to start to head home. But wait, one more stop at the Rotten Apple. A good crowd was there. Rose was there with her husband. Rose bartends there at the Apple and at the Legion. Small town Destin - you always run into people you know. From there it was time to go home. What started out as no plans ended up being a fun evening.

Cajun tourist partying hard

By the time Sunday rolled around Sunshine Cindy and I planned to take it easy. And we did, for most of the day. Then about 5:00 we headed to the harbor. We needed to drop off some Crab Island Mambo T-Shirts with Steve at his Hawaiian Ice Booth. We got him restocked and then we walked down to the Tipsy Turtle. The plan was only to have a couple and listen to JB and Summer play. Well, we had been there only a few minutes talking to Matt when Darla and Erika came by. They were getting ready to go on the Seablaster and wondered if we were there. Surprise, we were! We talked to them before they had to leave. Then a group of Cajun’s came in off of a pontoon boat. Cajun’s can really party and this group was no exception. It was fun listening to them. Julie showed up and then Darla and Erika came back after their boat trip. It was another great time on the harbor and the perfect end to the weekend.

See ya Thursday….

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